The Ensigns attempt a rescue of an Ambassador and his team on a distant planet.

Full Credits

Ensign 3rd Class Monroe: Shannon Mckain
Ensign 3rd Class Garibaldi: Arnie Pantoja
Ensign 3rd Class Barry: Nick Armstrong
Ensign 2nd Class Argyle: Jonny Svarzbein
Lt. Davis: Heather Barr
Ambassador's Aide: David Kerns
Created by R. Benjamin Warren & Ryan Gowland
Executive Producers April Warren, R. Benjamin Warren, Ryan Gowland, & Erica Gowland
Line Producer: Jay Benton
Directed by Ryan Gowland
Writing Credits: R. Benjamin Warren & Ryan Gowland
Directory of Photography and Film Editor: Joseph Horn
1st AD: Dunbar Dicks
2nd AD & Visual Effects Producer: Louis Silverstein
Sound Technician & Key Grip: Nolan Silverstein & Elizabeth Horn
Costume Design & Construction: Tiffany Maxwell
Makeup Artist: Amy Rodriguez
Original Music: Steven Phillips
Production Design: Alfred Cooney
Special Thanks:
Pete Young
The Dog House
Karen Moore
Copyright 2013 Warren/Gowland Productions

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May 13, 2014


Davis to Bichon. The rescue team and I has arrived on the surface of the planet Chovux. It appears a minor altercation has occurred.

Minor? There's blood everywhere...

Bichon, I found the Ambassador. Two for transport. You three spread out and search for the Ambassador’s men. Look out for slogmites; looks like they took out most of the Ambassador’s team. Slogmites live under the surface, but the good news is they can only hear all of your movements. Tread lightly. Don’t come back until you’ve found a survivor.