BankBank/Delawarm's first foray into advertising is COMPLETE.
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Published: June 03, 2010
Headlights blew up
Engine tune up
Got a flat tire
Take it down see Bruno
Fix your windshield it's totally broke
Fix your windshield your car's a ****in joke
Crash that thing
Crash that ca
Tailpipe lookin' like a big ciga

Well you know what I think about the cars these days
Bumpin' with those systems and the big neon plates
I'm startin to think that there's somethin' goin' down
In different parts of this very town!

Get outta my way
I'm all gassed up
Got a vanity plate
On my brand new truck
I don't like the way
You been lookin' at my paint
My whip candy yellow shinin' like a sunny day
Beep beep honk honk
Get out of my way!

My little Vulvo engine is safe today!
Six cylinders of pride
In a creative way
My Vulvo shell will keep me safe
It will spare my life and
It will spare my life and
Vulvo is the perfect ca

It will save your life!

Buy a Vulvo tonight