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Full Credits

Starring; Derek Brantley, Bill Pietrucha, Pedro Blee, Keisha Zollar
Produced by: NeoWorldProductions, Inc.
Directed by: Jerry Cunningham
Written by: Derek Brantley
Director Of Photography: Jeremy Edwards
Music by: DJ Stone Kold, Sample taken from; Michael Jackson, "Thriller", Warren Zevon, "Werewolves In London", One Four Love, "Instrumental", Various artists Rawkus Records.
Styling By: Karoline Hood
Make Up Artist: Leora Edut
Editing by: Aldo Romero
Derek Brantley: Joe Decesse
William Pietrucha: Ann Coulter
Pedro Blee: Malcolm Wolf
Keishsa Zollar: V/O, Girl Crying In Park
Carleen McManus: Hippie
Danny Alvear: Urban Street Guy
Mary-Ann Trippett: Woman with purse
Melisa Breiner Sanders: Business Woman
Tymia Green: Jogger
Cheyanne Racey: Woman with WereBaby
Vinny Bove: Business Man
Shaheim Jackson: Construction Worker
James Rosado: Slacker
Bus Operators:
Mike Torrey
Cecil Abbot