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Full Credits

Actor: Steve Aoki, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Borgore, Brazzabelle, Crookers, Destructo, Martin Garrix, Gladiator, Ryan Hemsworth, Keys N Krates, Moby, Ookay, R3hab, Nile Rodgers, What So Not, Alison Wonderland
Director: Mike Bernstein
Writer: Dashiell Driscoll
Executive Producer/Concept By: Ben Sheehan
Executive Producer: Christian Heuer
Producer: Matt Pittman
Assoc. Producer: Dan Bernstein
Production Supervisor: William Cubbon
Production Manager: Nathan Vaughan
Production Coordinator: Rebecca Ma
1st AD: Tiffany Soto
D.P.: Yuki Noguchi
Steadicam: Ross Coscia
Steadicam: Jessica Lopez
1st AC: Alexander Paul
2nd AC: Becca Basaure
Gaffer: Ben Salvetti
Key Grip: Dan Chapman
Swing: Jacques Shy
Production Designer: Libby Wampler
Stylist: Ashly Miller
Key H&MU: Brenna Haukedahl
Truck PA: Addison Bryan
PA: Chris Arias
PA: Alaska Wagoner
PA: Ivan Power-Kronick
PA: Jordan Coleman
Sound Mixer: Bo Town Sound
Editor: Casey McClelland
Title VFX: Shawn James
VO Sound Mixer: Jamie Hill for Secret Agent Audio
Post Sound Mixer: Sean Oakley
Colorist: Trevor Durtschi
Special Thanks: Project LA, Tim Hrycyshyn, David Miller, Hillary Hawkins, Amy Thomson, Matt Langille, Matt Colon, Derek Dolin, Michael George, Sarah Weinstein
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> (Female Voiceover):
Coming this fall TV's most watched
crime drama has a new member to the family.

> Welcome detectives,
to Ibiza.

> (Female Voiceover): NCIS: Ibiza.
Fighting crime at the docks.

> Give it up Von Julio. We know you're running counterfeit wristbands.

> No hablo ingles detective.

> Oh, claro.
(Spanish phrase spoken), Von Julio.

> I don't really speak Spanish.

> (Female Voiceover): } Getting answers in the club.

> Tell me everything you know about the murder last Thursday.

> I do not know anything about any murder. I'm just a young Spanish boy
trying to make it in the streets, of Ibiza.

> (Female Voiceover): They're working in the lab.

> We need you to run some tests.

> Just one second.

> I'm going to ask you once, and only once. Where were you last night?

> I think I'm going to throw up.

> (Female Voiceover): They're in over their heads.

> (Female Voice): You gotta get out of there.
There's a bomb on a moped and it's headed straight for club (inaudible).

> W-whoa...get to the back of the line.

> You think.

> Listen, Kyle, you want to buy a table?

> What kind of table you thinking about?

> W-whoa, whoa...

> What kind of table you think this is about?

> Hey man, you don't look so good.

> You're a cop. Do you have any drugs?

> (Female Voiceover):
They're still working in the labs?

> Stu, we have no time to waste. I need you to look at this shit.

> If you put it on the (inaudible), I'll check it later.

> You're just pouring glow sticks into tube...

> I'll check it later.

> He's pouring glow sticks into tube test.

> Yeah, I think he's just pouring glow sticks into test tubes.

> (Female Voiceover): No one is safe.

> Finish what we started.

> We're going to get the bosses that did
this to you.

> That's who I was talking about, these glow sticks.

> No! Ibiza!

> (Female Voiceover): NCIS: Ibiza.
Definitely a well thought out show that's not just a transparent move
to appeal to a younger demographic.