This episode, we check in with Karen.

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Starring, written and directed by Julie Dove and Jenny M. Rich


The Teacher's Lounge
– Episode 5 “The Bully”

- A Teacher's Lounge

Karen (to camera)

Some people might think
that stooping to the level of kids is a bit childish. But I say deal
with them in a way they understand. A little diarrhea never hurt
anyone, well, except maybe… embarrassment...but whatever. Little
Bobby bastard deserved it.

I just can’t wait
until the end of the day so I can go home. Clean my kitchen, do some
laundry, balance my checkbook. That will take my mind off all this

Kids in school today
don’t know how easy they have it. A bully is someone that calls you
a name. When I was in sixth grade I got pulled off the toilet in the
middle of gym class.

The kids I teach are
pussies. I’d like to see one of them get pulled off the toilet in
front of everyone, and make it to the next class.