Ever have that not so fresh feeling and need a little energy boost on the side? Mandy Moore has just the product for you.

Full Credits

Starring Mandy Moore
Featuring Johnny Meeks, Lindy Gomez, Josh Simpson, Bob Turton, Ryan Perez & Seth Morris
Directed by Jake Szymanski
Written by Seth Morris
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Produced by Mike Farah
Special Thanks to Jon Leshay, Theresa Peters, Jo Yao and Benjamin Scales


The video opens with a summer day outdoor shot. The shot then cuts to
Mandy Moore and transitions to Mandy Moore on swing. Calm, pleasant
music plays in the background.

Announcer (voiceover): Every girl likes to feel fresh, but in today’s
fast paced world fresh just isn’t enough. Introducing new Red Bull
Energy Douche. The world’s first feminine hygiene product with Red

Mandy Moore gets a crazed look on her face and leap off of the swing.
The music turns from a light and breezy song to a high paced song. The
shot cuts to from Mandy Moore leaping off the swing to her landing
outside of a building wearing business attire. The shot cuts to he
running to catch an elevator. Johnny Meeks holds the door for her and
gives her the once over.

Announcer (voiceover): Red Bull Energy Douche’s advanced vagi-cleansing
formula is made with vinegar, water and natural stimulants for spring
fresh confidence that lasts all day.

Mandy Moore pulls out a can of Red Bull with an applicator sticking out
of the top. Johnny Meeks looks at her in confusion. She shrugs and
lowers the can of Red Bull below the camera level. The shot cuts to the
exterior of the elevator and a squishy, water sound is heard. The
elevator doors open and you see Johnny Meeks and the other passengers
run off the elevator. Mandy Moore crushes the can of Red Bull and
throws it over her shoulder. The shot cuts to Lindy Gomez holding out
some folders and another can of Red Bull Energy Douche.

Announcer (voiceover): The B vitamins and legal and up levels of
caffeine in each bottle of Red Bull Energy Douche will keep you going
for up to ten minutes per application.

Mandy Moore seizes the files and Red bull without stopping and knocks a
man over on her way to a conference room. The shot cuts to Mandy Moore
scribbling onto a whiteboard. The shot pans around the conference table
to reveal Lindy Gomez, Josh Simpson, and Seth Morris looking stunned
and horrified. The shot cuts to Ryan Perez nodding his head ever so
slightly in the affirmative.

Announcer (voiceover): So if you want to feel fresh, clean and extreme, grab a Red Bull Energy Douche.

Mandy Moore (screaming at the people at the conference table): Come on! I want to fucking feel it!

The shot cuts to a bottle of Red Bull Energy Douche and a Red Bull
Energy Douche box with a picture of Mandy Moore on it. The box and can
are strategically placed on some rocks at the edge of a pond.

Announcer (voiceover): Red Bull Energy Douche. It gives your vagina wings.

The words “It gives your vagina wings” appears on screen.