Never Mind The Spaghetti, Here's Some SPARTA!
Published January 03, 2010 398 views More Info ยป
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Additional Credits:
When making videos it is best to steal from everyone, not give any credit and claim it all as yours.
Well OK, here's some reference to the Real sources anyway, Halflife, John Freeman, Headcrabs Headcrab Zombies, TF2, GGR, Awesome, YTwachdog, Yu Yu Hakisho, Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell, Chris, Kattan, Jim Carrey, Hyrule, The King, Newfags, Star Trek TNG, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Gerald Butler, 300, Epic Fail, Full Metal Jacket, Matthew Modine, R Lee Ermey, Vincent D'Onfrio, John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Joseph Gobbels and oh yeah, I almost forgot, head tilting pugs
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