Director: Cue Xylophone take one marker.
Dana Carvey: This felt like improv theater. Eh, heh? Hello? Anybody? Okay. Well, well, well, well, here ya are. You're president. President Barack O'Donnell. Madomella. And, uh, we, we love ya. It's gonna be hard, never gonna be easy. I had to do the difficult things. They tell me not to raise taxes. Said 'Are ya gonna do it?' Said 'Not gonna do it.' Then they said 'Are ya gonna do it?' And then I did it.
Dana Carvey: My base got a little perturbed, went ape-fecal at me. Ape-fecal. Wasn't fun. Sometimes you gotta go against your base to do the popular thing.
Dana Carvey: Pelosi, word of advice, always looks like she just sat on something cold and wet. Those big eyes comin' at ya. Scary! Scary! Keep her receding back that, get your Reed and your Frank and your Pelosi, get 'em behind ya. You lead. Don't let 'em tell ya what to do.
Dana Carvey: So, to sum up, get some balls, testicles, I know Ronnie Reagan comin' back from the dead tellin' you about that. Big 'ol clangers hangin' down. Knockin' against each other. Didn't seem to impede him. Bi-pedal motion, hip goin' forward flexor. Testicles clang, movement forward.
Dana Carvey: Good job. Enjoyed watchin' it, enjoyed seein' it. So, to sum up.
[Laughing Off Camera]