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Mark Marino, Jerry James, Fun Music Records, http:www.funmusic.ca

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You can go to hell
I’m going to Texas
Oh fare thee well
Baby so long
You can go to hell
I’m going to Texas
Back in the State of Texas
Where this good ol’ boy belongs

Been out here for about eight years
In Washington, D.C.
Obama can take this job and shove it
With those clowns on the late night T.V.

Pa never told me there’d be years like this
Need to relaxerate my mind
Let’s crack a beer, I’m outta here
Going to join the unemployment line



I’m the decider - I decide what’s best
With compadre Dick, of course
I’m gonna do me some Texas fishing
And see the land from atop of my horse

Now I don’t give a hoot what you think about me
Or any of my kin
I know some day I’ll visit that old white house
When my brother Jeb gets in