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Random Encounters is an original webseries, created by Dartel McRae, that takes a... more »
Published February 26, 2013 190 views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Random Encounters, Ep. 2 "Devil Inside"
Dartel McRae @DMcR1 _
Jennifer: Tia Shipman @TiaShipman
Mike: Jay Horton
Russ: Mark Banik_
Sylvester: Jeremy Burnett @jeremyburnett1
Steve: Michael Mcallister Jr. @mdmconnection
John: TommieSox @tommiesox _
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Featured Artist:
Germ Beats & Millio Beats for Class Act Beats
Beat: "Bang Bang"
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Twitter: @RandomEncountrs
Created & Directed by: Dartel McRae @DMCR1
Edited & Produced by: Dartel McRae
Director of Photography & Co-Directed by: Thomas Panazzolo @tommiesox
Special Thanks:
Artwork: Shannon Thornton @shannonthornt_n
B.Smith's Restaurant in NYC for allowing Random Encounters to film there!
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Published February 26, 2013