Steve Carell's contract clearly states his head has to be the biggest one on his movie posters.
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Additional Credits:
Starring Steve Carell
Featuring Brian Huskey, John Ross Bowie, Dave Ferguson, Jill Donnelly, & Lindy Gomez
Written & Directed by Ryan Perez
Produced by Christin Trogan
Co-Producers: Chris Bruss & Juliet Seniff
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
Art Director: Tony Swansey
G&E: Andrew Crighton, Tom Pena, Jordan Downey, Ben Burke
Editor: Pat Bishop
Sound: BoTown Sound
Hair & Makeup: Sara Irving
PA: Andrew Grissom
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Voiceover: Exclusive.
Male: Okay Steve, we just need you to
decide of one of these poster designs
and then we'll be good to go.
Steve: Well they are very interesting.
Gavin: Personally I like
the one in the middle.
Features the whole main cast.
It's got an elegant
design and it says commony
but it says smart
commony and also romance.
Female: I think that one's my favorite.
Female: It's a really terrific poster.
Steve: Just one little thing,
why is my head so small?
Gavin: I'm sorry, what?
Steve: That has not discussed?
Male: Steve has it very
clearly in his contract
that any movie poster his head
should be the largest by minimum 20%.
Female: Oh it's a joke.
Male: It's very funny.
Steve: Okay, I don't - what is very funny?
Male: Guys this is not funny,
this is deadly serious.
Steve: Take a look around the room.
Gavin: I never really noticed before.
Female: We obviously didn't realize
that that was in your contract.
Male: Yeah, well next
time read the contract.
Female: Hey, we get it, you know.
You want to stand out in a poster
and I think this movie
has such a great ensemble.
Steve: Ensemble? Ensemble. Little
Miss Sunshine was a great ensemble.
But you have to know who the star is.
Female: Okay, well Gavin
we have some other options.
Gavin: Yes.
There's this one with
you and Ryan Gosling,
only your heads are the same size.
Steve: No, no, no! No! No!
I get the biggest head.
All right? You know, I'm sorry but
what part of this don't you understand?
Take a look at that.
Look at how much bigger my
head is than Seth Rogen's.
Female: I don't even see Seth
Rogen's head in that poster.
Steve: Exactly. 2007, Dan in Real Life.
Male: Great movie.
Gavin: Great poster.
Female: Heart warming.
Female: I haven't seen it.
Steve: Okay, look at those.
Are the pancakes bigger? Is
it a movie about pancakes?
No! It's a move about Steve Carell.
I beat the pancakes.
I can beat Ryan Gosling.
Male: Okay Steve, this isn't
about the pancake situation.
These people are here to help.
Steve: All right, but seriously who's
face do you want to see more of,
mine or Ryan Gosling's?
Female: You know what, I
think it's a little tricky.
Gavin: He's an attractive guy.
Character actor.
Gavin: He's younger than you.
Male: I'd pick you but
my girlfriend wouldn't.
Male: Okay guys.
Steve always has the
biggest head on a poster.
We're not going to start
compromising that now.
Male: Really every poster?
Steve: Yes, every poster.
The first movie I ever did, Curly Sue.
Check that out!
Gavin: All right look, I
can go up to the Kinko's.
Give me an hour, I can come
up with some more options.
Female: Okay, let's take a Slurpee
break, who wants a Slurpee?
Steve how much of your office is real?
Steve: None of it's real,
it's a television show.
Female: No, no, I know but -
Steve: Oh my god, that's
what I'm talking about!
Oh my god, can I take all four?
Come here, come here.
Female: Okay.
Steve: Look at how big my head is.
Male: All right guys.