Steve Carell's contract clearly states his head has to be the biggest one on his movie posters.

Full Credits

Starring Steve Carell
Featuring Brian Huskey, John Ross Bowie, Dave Ferguson, Jill Donnelly, & Lindy Gomez
Written & Directed by Ryan Perez
Produced by Christin Trogan
Co-Producers: Chris Bruss & Juliet Seniff
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
Art Director: Tony Swansey
G&E: Andrew Crighton, Tom Pena, Jordan Downey, Ben Burke
Editor: Pat Bishop
Sound: BoTown Sound
Hair & Makeup: Sara Irving
PA: Andrew Grissom


Voiceover: Exclusive.
Male: Okay Steve, we just need you to
decide of one of these poster designs
and then we'll be good to go.
Steve: Well they are very interesting.
Gavin: Personally I like
the one in the middle.
Features the whole main cast.
It's got an elegant
design and it says commony
but it says smart
commony and also romance.
Female: I think that one's my favorite.
Female: It's a really terrific poster.
Steve: Just one little thing,
why is my head so small?
Gavin: I'm sorry, what?
Steve: That has not discussed?
Male: Steve has it very
clearly in his contract
that any movie poster his head
should be the largest by minimum 20%.
Female: Oh it's a joke.
Male: It's very funny.
Steve: Okay, I don't - what is very funny?
Male: Guys this is not funny,
this is deadly serious.
Steve: Take a look around the room.
Gavin: I never really noticed before.
Female: We obviously didn't realize
that that was in your contract.
Male: Yeah, well next
time read the contract.
Female: Hey, we get it, you know.
You want to stand out in a poster
and I think this movie
has such a great ensemble.
Steve: Ensemble? Ensemble. Little
Miss Sunshine was a great ensemble.
But you have to know who the star is.
Female: Okay, well Gavin
we have some other options.
Gavin: Yes.
There's this one with
you and Ryan Gosling,
only your heads are the same size.
Steve: No, no, no! No! No!
I get the biggest head.
All right? You know, I'm sorry but
what part of this don't you understand?
Take a look at that.
Look at how much bigger my
head is than Seth Rogen's.
Female: I don't even see Seth
Rogen's head in that poster.
Steve: Exactly. 2007, Dan in Real Life.
Male: Great movie.
Gavin: Great poster.
Female: Heart warming.
Female: I haven't seen it.
Steve: Okay, look at those.
Are the pancakes bigger? Is
it a movie about pancakes?
No! It's a move about Steve Carell.
I beat the pancakes.
I can beat Ryan Gosling.
Male: Okay Steve, this isn't
about the pancake situation.
These people are here to help.
Steve: All right, but seriously who's
face do you want to see more of,
mine or Ryan Gosling's?
Female: You know what, I
think it's a little tricky.
Gavin: He's an attractive guy.
Character actor.
Gavin: He's younger than you.
Male: I'd pick you but
my girlfriend wouldn't.
Male: Okay guys.
Steve always has the
biggest head on a poster.
We're not going to start
compromising that now.
Male: Really every poster?
Steve: Yes, every poster.
The first movie I ever did, Curly Sue.
Check that out!
Gavin: All right look, I
can go up to the Kinko's.
Give me an hour, I can come
up with some more options.
Female: Okay, let's take a Slurpee
break, who wants a Slurpee?
Steve how much of your office is real?
Steve: None of it's real,
it's a television show.
Female: No, no, I know but -
Steve: Oh my god, that's
what I'm talking about!
Oh my god, can I take all four?
Come here, come here.
Female: Okay.
Steve: Look at how big my head is.
Male: All right guys.