The boys get kidnapped and remembering a name becomes a matter of life and death

Full Credits

Written by Mpire Comedy (Matt Clevy, Matt Little, Mike Sapp)
Matt Clevy
Matt Little
Mike Sapp
David Rudi Utter
Director: Matt Clevy
Director of Photography and Color Correction: Albert Tholen
Stunt Choreography: Craig Wesley Divino
Make-Up: Samantha Jane Gurewitz
Production and Post Production Sound: AM Zick
Editor: Matt Clevy
Music Credits:
Welcome to HorrorLand
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Gathering Darkness
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
The Escalation
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


[ ominous ♪ ♪ ]
[ labored breathing ]
[ he mumbles in native language ]
[accent] I'm afraid I
need those names, hmm.
Who else knows?
Why you make me
do this to you, hmm?
The names!
[ screaming heard ]
I'll give you a
moment to think, hmm.
Then maybe you
decide to cooperate.
[ coughing ]
-Oh, yeah!
Did that guy look like
somebody to you, like uh,
from Under Siege 2?
-Dark Territory.
Or Die Hard 2--
he's the military guy in Die Hard 2.
No, that's two
different guys.
What? The guy
who takes his ass out?
Yeah-yeah, that's
William Sadler in Die Hard 2.
The guy from Dark Territory
is a different dude.
Yeah. Still this guy's a dead
ringer for William Sadler though.
Yeah but, who's the guy I'm thinking of.
It's going to kill me.
-What's something else he was in?
-I think he was in a Bond film.
-Which one?
-I want to say Licence to Kill.
No-no, you're thinking of
Timothy Dalton and Wayne Newton.
Wayne Newton's
the bad guy.
No, Wayne Newton's
Mars Attacks!
-Wait... Oh, Alec Baldwin?
-Alec Baldwin?
-No-no that's William Sadler.
-Oh, uh...
Okay, he was Death in
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
-No, William Sadler.
-Demon Knight?
-Well even Demon Knight is--
-No, William Sadler.
[ they mimic the killer theme
from Friday the 13th ]
-[ they all laugh ]
[ laughter comes to a sigh ]
Wait, Wayne Newton
wasn't in that James Bond movie?
-Twin Peaks!
-Wayne Newton?
No, the guy I'm thinking
of is in Twin Peaks.
-Oh, Big Ed Hurley!
-Yes, Big Ed Hurley.
-Big Ed Hurley.
Big Ed Hurley.
[ sighs of relief ]
Oh man.
[ water dripping ]
This is really
nice you guys.
Yeah, you know, usually
we would just pick our phones up
and immediately go to Google
and try to figure out the answer--
Yeah, nice to
do it together.
Guys, nice to like
talk it out, you know?
And this reminds
us that it's about the
-journey and not the destination.
[ door opens,
they all start yelling ]
Everett McGill!
You look like
Everett McGill.
♪ Six foot, seven foot,
eight foot, bunch ♪
♪ Daylight come and
me wan' go home ♪