Based on a short play by Wayne S. Rawley, this quirky love story takes Brian and... more »

Full Credits

Directed by:
Christopher Mahle, Executive Producers:
Karsten Freeman, Jackie Marr, Christopher Mahle
Inspired by the short play
“The Scary Question”
Wayne S. Rawley
Written by
Christopher Mahle and
Jackie Marr
Music by
Mike Walter
Christopher Mahle
Linda: Catherine Freeman
Brian: Jeremy Smith
Zombie I: David Noonan
Zombie II: Sarah Schwartsmann
Zombie III: Karsten Freeman
Special Acknowledgments
Kristin Walter, Max Walter Mahle, Dana Marr, Karen Tully, Dennis Irwin and the Fall F/TV 22 class, Rick Cotter and the City of Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Department
“You and Me and That Dead Guy Makes Three”
Lyrics by Christopher Mahle
Music by Mike Walter
Produced by Mike Walter
Tee’d Off Zombies was shot entirely on location in Sunnyvale, CA.
All material is protected by Copyright of the United States and all countries throughout the world. All rights reserved.
The story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. Any similarities are coincidental and, quite frankly, a bit extraordinary and you have our sympathies. No identification with persons alive, dead or undead, places, buildings and products is intended or should be inferred.

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March 03, 2010