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Full Credits

Writer + Director: Jimmy Goldblum
Executive Producer: Brian McGinn
Cinematographer: Naveen Chaubal
1st AC: Laura Perrin
Editor: Casimir Nozkowski
Sound Mixer: Tod Chapman
Music: "Home Again" by Keith Kenniff
Actors played by themselves
Ruth Barrie (Russian Woman)
Selina Wright (Hairdresser)
Deokumar Gandharry (Pakistani Man)
Jenni Ruiza (Puerto Rican Woman)
Produced by: Old Friend (


♪ ♪
Jenni Ruiza: JENNI: My dad just
really wanted us to have
Jenni Ruiza: a comfortable life. He just
didn't have that opportunity
Jenni Ruiza: in Puerto Rico.
Selina Wright: SELINA: I do hair.
I've been doing hair for 31 years.
Selina Wright: I put four kids
through college.
Deokumar Gandharry: DEOKUMAR: My father is
Muslim from Pakistan.
Deokumar Gandharry: And my mother is
Hindu from India.
Deokumar Gandharry: There marriage was
only possible in America.
Ruth Barrie: RUTH:
My grandparents decided to
Ruth Barrie: come here to the
United States, because
Ruth Barrie: things were better here.
♪ ♪
Deokumar Gandharry: I love America.
Jenni Ruiza: JENNI:
America is opportunity.
Selina Wright: SELINA:
We just trying to make it.
Deokumar Gandharry: DEOKUMAR:
We're all God's children.
Ruth Barrie: RUTH: This country
is where I raised my family.
Deokumar Gandharry: America is friendship.
Jenni Ruiza: JENNI: It's making sure
when you someone in the street
Jenni Ruiza: you say, "Hi."
Deokumar Gandharry: DEOKUMAR:
America is hope.
This is a great country.
Jenni Ruiza: Which is why I want
to tell Donald Trump
Jenni Ruiza: that he can suck
my enlarged clitoris.
Ruth Barrie: He should
go fuck himself.
Deokumar Gandharry: You like to talk shit?
Deokumar Gandharry: I'll shit in your mouth.
Selina Wright: Fuckin' assclown.
Ruth Barrie: Trump wants to
deport Mexicans?
Jenni Ruiza: Shut the fuck up!
Ruth Barrie: You don't belong
in the White House,
Ruth Barrie: you belong in
your mother's cunt.
Selina Wright: Fuck back in the cunt.
Selina Wright: We don't even
want you back.
-Suck my slit.
-I wouldn't fuck you
Selina Wright: with Dick Cheney's dick.
Deokumar Gandharry: I wish I could go take
an upper decker
Deokumar Gandharry: in all of your toilets.
♪ ♪
Ruth Barrie: Donald.
Jenni Ruiza: I'm going to fuckin'
take your dick.
Deokumar Gandharry: Take my balls.
Selina Wright: SELINA: Grab you by
the top of that motherfuckin'
Selina Wright: discombobulated hair.
Ruth Barrie: And rub it
against my ass hole.
Deokumar Gandharry: Deport you
to fuck town.
Selina Wright: And fuck you
right the fuck on up.
Jenni Ruiza: That's what's going to
make America great again.
♪ ♪
-Fuck you Donald Trump!
-Fuck you!