Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sit down to meet with their new record exec (Paul Scheer).
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Ben Haggerty (Macklemore), Ryan Lewis, Paul Scheer and Mel Cowan
Written & Directed by Alex Fernie
Produced by Ben Sheehan
Executive Produced by Funny or Die
Edited by Pat Bishop
Production Design by Ellie Del Campo
Art Direction by Candy Lopez & John Flores
Makeup & Hair by Leigh Schwartz
Cinematographer: Brian Lane
Camera Operator: Ricky Fosheim
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart
Grip: David Cronin
Sound by Bo Sundberg for BoTown Sound
Asst. Produced by Matt Sweeney
Wardrobe by Jenna Rainey
Special Thanks to Michelle Fox and Carrie Tolles
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Published: January 28, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ I'm gonna pop
some tags ♪
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ Only got twenty
dollars in my pocket ♪
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ I'm hunting, looking
for a come up ♪
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ This is fucking
awesome ♪
Paul Scheer: Guys, you are fantastic.
We are so excited that
Paul Scheer: you're here.
Paul Scheer: Who are they?
Mel Cowan: Macklemore, and
Ryan Lewis.
Paul Scheer: Which one's which?
Ryan Lewis: I'm Ryan.
Ben Haggerty: Ben. Stage name
is Macklemore.
Paul Scheer: That is way
to silly.
Paul Scheer: Ryan Lewis. That's
like 2 first names.
Paul Scheer: You gotta get a new
name. You into that?
Ryan Lewis: What's wrong with
my name?
Mel Cowan: People find
it suspicious.
Paul Scheer: Take it from me, you
gotta lose this guy.
Paul Scheer: You'll make more
money. Okay?
Paul Scheer: No? Yes? You guys are
together. Okay, that's fine.
Paul Scheer: Look, we get it. You're poor.
You shop at thrift
Paul Scheer: stores. We want to
change your life.
Paul Scheer: You sign with a major label,
and I am prepared
Paul Scheer: to offer you a deal that
will blow your poor
Paul Scheer: little minds. A pair of
shoes, and a can of beans.
Mel Cowan: It's the standard major
label record contract.
Mel Cowan: The same one Chubby
Checker had. Rest in peace.
Paul Scheer: Have you guys ever
had shoes before?
Paul Scheer: They're really
Ryan Lewis: We're both wearing
shoes right now.
Paul Scheer: Burlap sacks tied around your
ankles don't count as shoes,
Paul Scheer: but I'm going to up the
ante, and throw in a warm
Paul Scheer: meal, and a bed.
Mel Cowan: You guys can share a cot
in the boiler room.
Ben Haggerty: Nope.
Mel Cowan: Don't worry about the
janitor. He'll just come
Mel Cowan: in every now and again.
Ben Haggerty: You know that we aren't
some 19th century paupers.
Paul Scheer: Yeah, but you rap about
shopping in thrift stores.
Paul Scheer: Something that a
pauper would do.
Ben Haggerty: We're not paupers.
Paul Scheer: Or you're like John Popper.
I love that guy.
Paul Scheer: He plays the harmonica.
Mel Cowan: You guys are just like
that Jamie Foxx movie where
Mel Cowan: he plays the homeless
cello player.
Ryan Lewis: The Soloist? The amazing
and true story of
Ryan Lewis: Nathaniel Ayers.
Ben Haggerty: Love, that movie.
Paul Scheer: How about your change
your name to Shag?
Ryan Lewis: Shag? There's nothing
weird about my name.
Paul Scheer and Mel Cowan: You're wrong.
Paul Scheer: You're actually
very wrong.
Paul Scheer: Ryan Lewis. What is
that like a CPA?
Paul Scheer: Oh yeah, Ryan Lewis
does my taxes.
Paul Scheer: How about Schwag?
Paul Scheer: Schwag and Macklemore.
Ben Haggerty: No.
Paul Scheer: Ryan Menounos.
Paul Scheer: People will think,
"Is he married to Maria Menounos?"
Paul Scheer: We don't know.
Ryan Lewis: I don't think my
name is weird.
Ryan Lewis: I think my name
is awesome.
Paul Scheer: Alright, then how
about this.
Paul Scheer: I'm going to take this whole
the economy is crushing
Paul Scheer: my dreams shtick, and turn
it into a tour of the
Paul Scheer: nations best bread lines.
Ben Haggerty: Bread lines haven't been around
since like the 19, what...
Ryan Lewis: 30s.
Ben Haggerty: 30s.
Paul Scheer: I love you. You're smart,
and you're homeless.
Paul Scheer: That is a double threat.
Lets get you guys in the
Paul Scheer: studio recording party
songs about food stamps.
Paul Scheer: It'll be part LMFAO,
and part rabbit lady in
Paul Scheer: Roger and me.
Paul Scheer: Lets get on
that immediately.
Ben Haggerty: Okay. No.
Paul Scheer: Alright, then how about this.
You guys riding the
Paul Scheer: rails, hitting all the
Hoovervilles, hobos come
Paul Scheer: from all around:
Paul Scheer: "Oh what, I heard there
was food."
Paul Scheer: "Oh what, I heard there
was rap music."
Paul Scheer: It's like Coachella,
but depressing.
Mel Cowan: That's exactly
like Coachella.
Paul Scheer: Exactly like Coachella.
Ben Haggerty: All of these ideas--
Ryan Lewis: Are terrible.
Ben Haggerty: --Are fucking horrible.
Except, I'm not mad
Ben Haggerty: at the idea of you
changing your name.
Ryan Lewis: What?
Ryan Lewis: Where is this
coming from?
Ben Haggerty: Pick a fucking
first name man!
Ben Haggerty: Pick one.
Ryan Lewis: That hurts.
Ben Haggerty: I'm going to be honest
with you. We don't even
Ben Haggerty: want to sign a
record contract.
Ben Haggerty: The thing that we want is
that we were promised,
Ben Haggerty: which is a free lunch.
Paul Scheer: I'm not going to lie to you.
I lied to you about lunch.
Ben Haggerty: Are you fucking serious man?
You bring us in here,
Ben Haggerty: you talk a bunch of shit,
and then you're going
Ben Haggerty: to take away the one thing
that you promised us
Ben Haggerty: which is free food.
Ryan Lewis: I'm not even angry,
but I'm disappointed.
Mel Cowan: Oh that's worse
than angry.
Paul Scheer: Wait a second. All you guys
want is a free lunch?
Ryan Lewis and Ben Haggerty: Yeah.
Ben Haggerty: It would've
been nice.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ I'm gonna pop
some tags ♪
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ Only got twenty
dollars in my pocket ♪
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ I'm hunting, looking
for a come up ♪
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ♪ This is fucking
awesome ♪

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