Written and produced by Ninja Sex Party (Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian) Directed by Jim Turner

Full Credits

Caitlin Brodnick
Erin Goodwin
Lexi Harrington
Dan Hodapp
Jessica Hwang
Julie Katz
Rachel Bitney Wecht
Ashley Wilson
Assistant Director: Mark Peterson
Gaffer: Rich Samalot
We're very glad you could join us today
At the annual Women's Appreciation Buffet
Where you'll get inspired to reach all your goals
You're gonna fight all your foo like a thousand Dave Grohls
There is just one simple key
To unleashing the goddess that we all know you can be
Just follow your heart and always believe
One day you'll get plowed by Ninja Brian and me
When your dreams are slipping through your fingers
You need to get double teamed by ninjas
You're a smokin' hot chick, so grab life by the dick
You can do us! You can do us!
Take control of your own boss
The world is your oyster, I've got the cocktail sauce (jizz!)
Get ready to cream in the jeans of your dreams
You can do us! You can do us!
Here are some of the sensual sounds that you may hear during our motivational program:
(Danny makes awkward/hot noises)
It's time to go for the gold, there should be no doubt
Except for you Roger, would you please leave now?
Now girls form a line in order of height
Goddammit, Roger, what did I just say?
Now I'll put on my blindfold and my sex hat
Maybe you are starting to suspect that
I'm already hard, now reach for the stars
You can do us! You can do us!
Let's go!

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May 05, 2011