Donald Trump stars in the scariest American horror movie of all time. Based on a true story.


[Ominous Music]
Vera Farmiga: Do you know when the
voice is going to speak?
Frances O'Connor: Sometimes--
Donald Trump: Donald: I know what crazy
is. I know all about crazies.
Vera Farmiga: Does it ever say things
just to you?
Frances O'Connor: Yes.
Donald Trump: Donald: You are stupid.
Stupid and incompetent.
Vera Farmiga: Does it feel like it's coming
from inside of you?
Donald Trump: Donald: Jack ass.
Frances O'Connor: More like it's coming
from behind me,
like I'm being used.
Donald Trump: Donald: You don't even know
what you're talking about.
Donald Trump: Try to getting it out.
Go ahead.
Vera Farmiga: What does it say?
Donald Trump: Donald: Try getting it out.
Frances O'Connor: It said it wants
to hurt you.
Vera Farmiga: When did it say that?
Donald Trump: Donald: I want
to kill her.
Frances O'Connor: Right now.
[Ominous Music Continues]
Donald Trump: Donald: I love war.
Patrick Wilson: Patrick Wilson: In the name of the Father,
and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Donald Trump: Donald: We're going to Hell.
Our country is going to Hell.
Male Speaker 1: You can see that there
was blood coming out of her eyes.
Male Speaker 2: Weiner.
Donald Trump: Donald: We're not
finished yet.
Donald Trump: Donald: Well I pray. I go to
church. Do I do things
Donald Trump: that are wrong?
I guess so.
Donald Trump: To have a gun?
Yes I do.
Donald Trump: ...Rapist.
I assume
are good people.
Donald Trump: If you don't like it.
I'm sorry.
Donald Trump: I love God, and
I love my church.
Donald Trump: Donald: Came out of no
where. Came out of no where.
[Music Box Sound]