sentry aka seth sentry. and the son's from my new superweapons from to.... more »
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Published: April 15, 2013
seth sentry :
hey. i'm am sentry. from on rage. this music video.
this the first time. my new superweapons from to.
and check out this music video from anymore.

seth sentry :
o no. this no music video.
has was stopped. don't play this
lego bricks. you new superweapon.

seth sentry :
okay. children of lego. say about?.

children of lego :
yo. wazzap. thatoh oh nyan. stole mah.

children of lego :
makan lego.


seth sentry :
fear the power of. rapper of destiny.
say about children of lego. this is.

children of lego :
makan lego sparta!.