Being attacked won't always help you lose the weight you're looking for,... more »

Full Credits

Starring Vinnie Jones
Also Featuring Seth Morris, Lennon Parham, Joe Hartzler, Chad Carter, Bob Turton, Will Mclaughlin, Brad Schulz, Becky Feldman & Josh Simpson
Written by Seth Morris
Directed by Jake Szymanski
Produced by Mike Farah
Associate Producer: Zak Zeman
Editing by Ross McNamara & Neil Mahoney
Sound by Bo Sundberg
Production Design by Alexi Gomez
Make Up by Kat Bardot
Special Thanks to Tom Spriggs, Mitch Marcus and Mosaic Media


I'm Vinnie Jones, actor, footballer, and personal trainer.
And guess what?
I'm gonna kick your fat ass into shape.
Attack Cardio with Vinnie Jones,
the new physical fitness sensation that's
sweeping the nation.
Sign up now and for the next two weeks,
Vinnie will hunt you like a wild animal.
And if he catches you,
he'll beat you to within an inch of your life.
Whipping you into shape while he does it.
No more fad diets or sissy workouts for me.
I'm in the best shape of my life and it's all thanks to
Vin, no, no!
His two weeks are up.
Leave him alone.
Diets and traditional workouts are boring.
Scientific tests prove nothing burns calories like fear.
The fact that I will be chasing you down like a
fat tub of lard, will burn those calories guaranteed.
Before I started Vinnie Jones Attack Cardio workout,
all the kids at school used to make fun of me
about my weight.
Not any more, I lost 25 pounds.
And I took the cutest girl in school to the prom.
You didn't shag her though, did ya four eyes?
I tried.
I'm sorry Mr. Jones.
I tried to.
If you got the guts, I'll pound the calories out of you.
Okay Bob, are we ready to start?
Come on, please, I'm at work man.
No Vinnie, Vinnie.
No, no, no.
(group screams)
Why aren't you doing something?
I'm taking your picture.
I'm taking your picture.
I'm taking your picture.
Order now and you'll receive
Vinnie's workout DVD's at no extra charge.
Over six hours of detailed instruction on how
to complement your workout with exciting exercises like--
What are you doing?
You fatty.
Ah, this is, you can't be in here.
This is a sound studio.
Stop it, ahhhhh, security, security!
[Vinnie} I am security.