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♪ Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby ♪
Andy Samberg: [ANDY] Storks finally answers the
question where do babies come from.
Andy Samberg: I'll have you know,
she bangs me all the time.
Andy Samberg: Which of course is
[bleep] mountain?
Xanax makes
me so horny.
[both] Aww!
Kelsey Grammer: But the baby thing
is kinda over.
It's a waste of
[bleep] money.
So I'm [bleep].
Since you're here I'm guessing
you're [bleep] as well.
[Bleep] douchebag.
Now there's 10,000 people
that think I got no [bleep].
You guys know I
have a [bleep] right?
Keegan-Michael Key: [KEEGAN] And in the midst of all of that
they run up against obstacles.
- [bleep] this guy!
- Man, [bleep] you!
Suck my [bleep]!
I'm a pimp and [bleep]
up here too.
- [JORDAN] We got to play 50 characters.
- 50 characters, yeah.
Keegan-Michael Key: [KEEGAN] It's a
big wolf pack.
Get the [bleep] out of here!
It's about to get graphic in this [bleep]!
What the [bleep]
is his problem?
This is just some
beautiful [bleep, bleep] man.
Nicholas Stoller: There's a strong emotional
spine about finding your family.
Nicholas Stoller: That's pretty relatable.
You [bleep] your brother?
- What are the chances of that?
- Really... very... funny.
Fuck you!
I ain't your entertainment [bleep].
Birds can't be glass!
- [bleep]
- [bleep]
- [bleep]
- What the [bleep]?
- Whoa, we did that together!
You know how [bleep]
humiliating that is?
♪ ♪
Vanilla Ice [bleep]
your mom.