In an effort to lose weight quickly, the boys go on a crash cleanse and are visited by a long lost acquaintance...

Full Credits

Created By - Matt Pohlson & Josh Greenbaum
Exec. Producers - Matt Pohlson & Josh Greenbaum
Ep. Written By - Matt Pohlson, Josh Greenbaum & Ben McMillan
Director - Josh Greenbaum
- - -
Ricky - Gareth Reynolds
Ravi - Ravi Patel
Carly - Allison Becker
British Narrator - Julian Holloway
Kirk P. Finnegan - Mike Nelson
Young Ravi - Anshul Bajaj
Written By - Ben McMillan
- - -
1st AD - Michelle Kramer
2nd AD - Drew Cookson
Production Assistant - Nicholas Robbins
Fox Executive - Ilsa Berg
Line Producer - AJ Tesler
Director of Photography - Jay Visit
Camera Operators - Rob Connolly and Rob Edgecomb
Camera Assistant - Lauren Meyer
Gaffer - Trevor Crist
Key Grips - Jake Beemer and Mark Ybarra
G&E Swing - Jim Barker and Peter Davesavage
Casting Director - Sara Isaacson
Production Designer - Julie Ziah
Art Assistant - Ashley Fenton
Costume Designer - Eva Fredrickson
Makeup Artist - Amber Austin
Production Sound - Tad Chamberlain & Marco Solis
Editor - Eric Notarnicola
Asst. Editors - Santiago Pedroza & Whit Hansen
The Jake - Jake Levy
Theme Song - "Nononononono" by Get Licious

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