Check out this classic clip from the sitcom "Mystique and Me" where Jerry gets Mystique pregnant with a non-shape-shifting baby.

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Starring Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Jerry Minor and Perez Hilton. Written by Jerry O'Connell, Jerry Minor and Brandon Johnson. Directed by Eric Appel

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December 28, 2008


[Music Playing]
Rebecca Romijn: Jerry!
Jerry O'Connell: Yeah? Yes, honey?
Rebecca Romijn: How do I look? Do I look pregnant?
Jerry O'Connell: Yeah. You look pregnant. Yes.
Rebecca Romijn: [Sigh] How about now?
Jerry O'Connell: Yeah, yes. You look pregnant. Yeah.
Jerry O'Connell: How about now?
Jerry O'Connell: Yeah. You're, you're still pregnant. It's a, it's a, don't turn into me. It's...
Rebecca Romijn: This totally sucks. This is all your fault! You and your stupid non-mutant sperm makes these babies too human to shape-shift! I, I can't get rid of this bump! It's so stupid!
Jerry Minor: Hey, rub mama's feet.
Jerry O'Connell: You want me to rub your feet?
Jerry Minor: Come on, rub my feet!
Jerry O'Connell: Why do you have to be Jerry Minor?
Jerry Minor: Because I like him. I think he's funny. He's your friend.
Jerry O'Connell: No. I don't want to rub Jerry Minor's feet. I, I don't want to.
Jerry Minor: Come on, Jerry! Stop being a douche! Rub my feet, okay? Come on.
Jerry O'Connell: Okay.
Jerry Minor: Get some lotion and it rubs it on my feet. Oh, yeah. Nice. Nice, yeah. Hold it up like I like it. You know. Nice. Ugh. I'm so pregnant.
Jerry O'Connell: This is, honey, this is gross.
Jerry Minor: What's your problem, Jerry? Do you have a problem with rubbing African-American feet?
Jerry O'Connell: No.
Jerry Minor: I will not have our daughters raised in a household full of hate.
Jerry O'Connell: This is, this is gross. This is, I'm, honey, this is gross.
Jerry Minor: Jerry!
Jerry O'Connell: No, honey. It's gross! I don't like touching Jerry Minor's feet! I just want my wife! Please, please, baby. I just want my wife.
Jerry O'Connell: Thank you. I love you.
Rebecca Romijn: I love you, too.
Jerry O'Connell: Really?! Perez Hilton?
Perez Hilton: [Smack] You should have pulled out you [Beep] head.
[Music Playing]
Announcer: Sit, Ubu, sit.