Ralphie's foul mouth gets him in trouble in this scene from the holiday classic.

Full Credits

Starring - Jack McGee and Tarik Ellinger
Written/Directed & Edited by Nick Wiger
Producer - Matt Mazany
Director of Photography - Brian Lane
Production Designer - Micah Embry
Sound Mixer - Ryan Kaiser
Make Up - Sandra Solanchick
Gaffer - Aaron Ulrich
Key Grip - Matt Sweeny
PA - Ben Parks


[Deck the Halls instrumental]
Male Voiceover: It was
just a few days before
Male Voiceover: Christmas, but all I
could think about was my
Male Voiceover: dream present: an
red rider model air rifle.
Jack McGee: Hey, what are you
doing here?
Tarik Ellinger: I wanted you to
help out
Jack McGee: Oh really. Good.
Here, hold this.
Jack McGee: No, not like that.
Like this. I gotta put the
Jack McGee: nuts in there.
Jack McGee: There. Huh.
Jack McGee: There it is.
Male Voiceover: And then in
one brief moment all of the
Male Voiceover: bolts
went flying.
Tarik Ellinger: Oooh fudge.
Male Voiceover: Only I
didn't say fudge.
Male Voiceover: I said the
word. The big one.
Male Voiceover: The queen
mother of dirty words.
Male Voiceover: The F dash
dash dash word.
Jack McGee: What did you say?
Tarik Ellinger: Uh. Um.
Jack McGee: That's what I
thought you said.
Tarik Ellinger: I'm sorry dad.
I didn't mean to.
Tarik Ellinger: Oh, I feel like a
piece of poop.
Male Voiceover: Only I
didn't say poop.
Male Voiceover: I said a
different slang term for
Male Voiceover: excrement.
One that's considered offensive.
Jack McGee: Ralph, you keep using
language like this,
Jack McGee: you're not going to get
any presents for Christmas.
Jack McGee: What do you think
about that?
Tarik Ellinger: I think you should
take a hike dad.
Male Voiceover: Only I
didn't say hike.
Male Voiceover: And I
didn't say take.
Male Voiceover: And I
didn't say A.
Male Voiceover: To clarify,
I said suck my dick.
Jack McGee: Ralphie, now
you're grounded.
Tarik Ellinger: Sorry dad.
Tarik Ellinger: Are we okay?
Male Voiceover: Only I
didn't give two thumbs up.
Male Voiceover: I flipped
him off with my right hand,
Male Voiceover: and made a
jack off motion with my left.
Jack McGee: Jesus Ralphie, where
did you learn this?
Tarik Ellinger: From you, dad. I learned
it from watching you.
[Deck the Halls instrumental]