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July 28, 2012


check me this trans scripts :

antonigames has 90 years old :
hey david cook?. has play game in the from
has play game that this game puzzle that this
do you anything in playstation 3 that is ?!.

david cook :
hey antonigames has play game do you that
this do you lick or liok not that this you me again
not click has this is antonigames not angries??!!.

antonigames has 90 years old :
you not angries do you has that you know
david cook and friends do you listing singing
has go to class music do you not for dad.

david cook :
hey antonigames not play game been
you shut up and something do you that
this game over has killing that is monster?!.

brother mareod :
hey antonigames and david cook. you know
this anything has contract do you has in the
concert david cook from antonigames in the go
to class music rooms has learning for teacher?.

antonigames has 90 years old :
not understand that this do you play game
has game over do you killing monster has you
survival fiction horror not party not game has
mind has crashed again ?!!!.