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September 29, 2010


Reviews for Alcoholocaust


"Australia's fiercest, funniest and sharpest comedian... a dazzling one-hour laugh fest that't alternately dribble-down-your-chest, roar-till-your-sides-hurt funny and achingly poignant. The most hilarious hour of stand up that you will see." NEWS OF THE WORLD *****

"Genuinely hilarious" SUNDAY TIMES ****

"Alcoholcaust is a blistering assault of comedy brilliance." TIME OUT ****

"Jim Jefferies is a great observational comic... And he only uses the word c**nt 14 times!" SCOTSMAN ****

"Jefferies is currently stand-up comedy's most irresistible force." HERALD *****

"Other comedians may cut to the bone, even draw blood but when Jefferies is in full flow he is the stand up equivalent of Spinal Tap, with a single jab he can turn a cacophony of laughs into winces, gasps and giggles." METRO ****

"Jim Jefferies is now one of the biggest names in comedy worldwide. A full on comedy superstar" THE LIST ****

"His timing and delivery is masterful and Jefferies has the audience in the palm of his hand within the first few minutes."EDINBURGH FESTIVAL MAGAZINE *****

"He delivers a rousing roundhouse of laughs, barely giving his audience time to inhale between gasps of ecstatic outrage. Hugely enjoyable by his dedicated army of filth fans." BROADWAY BABY *****

"Hysterical, filthy and pleasantly shocking. Jefferies has lost none of his frank and brutally honest wit..." HAIRLINE *****

"Buy a ticket and enjoy a real comedy superstar." ONE 4 REVIEW *****

"One of Jefferies finest comedic attributes is his skill at crafting a monumental anecdote... comedy gold..." SPOONFED.CO.UK ****

"Painfully funny" BRITISH COMEDY GUIDE ****

"He reveals himself to be an evocative storyteller, showing that behind all the brutal bluster is a comic with heart" CHORTLE ****

"The self-styled super offensive Australian stand-up does not disappoint. The material is truly outrageous and Jeffries' impressive stage presence is alternately lively and laconic. Moreover, the construction of his routines is actually very clever"BIG ISSUE ****

"It's a master-class that stretches the very levels of human decency, hitting heights never afforded to even the likes of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks" STV (SCOTTISH TELEVISION)

The clip uploaded is in full chronological order and the first f*ck comes 5 seconds into the DVD. There is no copy and pasting and no clip has been used twice. This is as it comes - just missing the funny bits.... Buy the DVD and enjoy the full shebang. Cunt!