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Roger Clemens plead not guilty to charges of lying to congress about steroid and HGH... more »
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Published August 30, 2010
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Roger Clemens made his first appearance in a U.S District Court, pleading not guilty to charges of lying to congress about using steroids and human growth hormone. I can’t believe that our tax money is paying for this case that may not kick off till the end of next year. If he’s found guilty, which he won’t be, who cares. So he lied to a bunch of liars about cheating in a game. Should it keep him out of the Hall of Fame, sure. Are there better things that our government could be doing right now, absolutely.

But I want you to decide, head over to and vote on whether our government should be spending money on this trial. Your choices; No, there are more important things for the government to worry about or Yes, if he lied to congress he should pay the price.

My prediction on this whole mess, Clemens said that he didn’t take steroids or HGH. Those are specific things and I bet there will be a lot of debate on exact meaning of a performance enhancing drug.

The creative team at ESPN should be embarrassed, The Herbies. Thats the name you give to Kirk Herbstreit’s preseason award show. Herbies, Herpies, see what I’m saying. How about The Kirk’s or The Streit’s or The Frosted Tips.

Manny Ramirez is heading to the Chicago White Sox, in the second baseball deadline. This is the time when teams just give up their overpaid, aging players for nothing. Its so weird that after Manny got busted for steroids, he just hasn’t been the same player. I wonder why that is.

Here’s a couple of things to check out while you are on the pine...

The Tennis US Open is under way.
Donovan McNabb may miss the first game of the season with the Washington Redskins suffering from an ankle injury.
There should be a lot of juicy details coming from the owners of the Los Angles Dodger’s divorce trial.

That is my view from the pine...

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