Intervention parody with Steve Marroni. Steve is a stand up comedian... a really... more »

Full Credits

Produced and Directed by Keith Hanshaw
Written by Kim Faubel and Marcus Skrinak
Edited by Marc Austin
Starring :
Steve Marroni - stand up comedian
Kim Faubel- sister
Amanda Ziemba - girlfriend
Vince King - friend
Marc Austin - Brother
Co Starring :
Just June - herself (comedian / actor)
Atif Myers - himself (comedian)
Andy Stultz - neighbor
AJ Martinec - cashier
Shay Faubel - Cashier supervisor
Jason Peffer - General Manager, Harrisburg Comedy Zone
Marcus Skrinak - DBtS Cast Member and DBtSI Director
Ben Ramirez - DBtS Cast Member and counselor
Keith Hanshaw - Intervention facilitator
Brandon Bivens - driver
Kristy Hughes - party guest
Ryan Connell - party guest
Special thanks to:
The Harrisburg Comedy Zone
Doc Holliday's
Giant Foods
Chris (our bartender)
John Sergott Jr.