At last night's presidential debate, Trump claimed that nobody respects more women more than he does. We consider the evidence.


Anderson Cooper: Are you saying that what you
said on that bus 11 years ago
Anderson Cooper: that you did not actually
kiss women without consent or
Anderson Cooper: grope women
without consent?
Donald Trump: I have great respect
for women.
Donald Trump: Nobody has more respect
for women than I do.
Don Lemon: What is it with
you and Megyn Kelly?
Donald Trump: [Trump on phone] Well, I just don't
respect her as a journalist.
Donald Trump: I have no respect for her.
I don't think she's very good.
Donald Trump: I think she's
highly overrated.
Donald Trump: You know, you could see there
was blood coming out of her eyes,
Donald Trump: uh, blood coming
out of her wherever.
Hillary Clinton: It's just awfully good that
someone with the temperament
Hillary Clinton: of Donald Trump is not in
charge of the law in our country.
Donald Trump: Because you
would be in jail.
Megyn Kelly: You've called women you
don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs,
Megyn Kelly: and disgusting animals.
Your Twitter account--
Donald Trump: Only Rosie O'Donnell.
Donald Trump: Because Bernie Sanders,
between super-delegates and
Deborah Wasserman Schultz,
Donald Trump: he never had a chance.
Donald Trump: And I was so surprised to
see him sign on with the devil.
Donald Trump: We have a divided nation,
because people like her--
and believe me,
Donald Trump: she has tremendous
hate in her heart.
- [Howard] The years that you
had Mrs. Universe--
- [Donald] Right.
Howard Stern: [Howard] --was there a time that you
would actually have sex
Howard Stern: with some of the,
uh, contestants?
Robin Quivers: [Robin] Couldn't that
be construed, however, as a--
- [Howard] Conflict?
- [Robin] Yes.
Howard Stern: [Howard] I don't.
I don't see that as a conflict.
Donald Trump: [Donald] It could be a
conflict of interest,
Donald Trump: but you know, it's the kind
of thing you worry about later.
- [Robin] Oh, I see.
- [ Howard chuckles ]
Donald Trump: [Donald] Well, you could
also say as the owner of the pageant
Donald Trump: it's your obligation,
to do that.
Howard Stern: [Howard] So--
So you have done that?
Donald Trump: [Donald] Well, I'll tell you the
funniest is that I'll go back stage
Donald Trump: before a show,
and everyone's getting dressed,
Donald Trump: and ready and everything else,
and you know, no men anywhere,
Donald Trump: and I'm allowed to go in,
because I'm the owner of the pageant,
Donald Trump: and therefore I'm inspecting it,
you know, I'm inspecting,
- [Donald] I want to make
sure everything is good--
- [Howard] You're like a doctor, you're there--
Donald Trump: [Donald] --"is everyone okay,"
you know, they're standing
there with no clothes,
Donald Trump: "is everybody okay,"
and you see these
incredible looking women,
Donald Trump: and so, I sort of get
away with things like that.
Donald Trump: It's just words folks.
It's just words.