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Full Credits

Starring Christina Applegate as Roxy Fedaro
Featuring Wendi McLendon-Covey as Lonnie & Jessalyn Gilsig as Meeghan
Written and Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Wardrobe: Janicza Bravo
Hair Stylist for Ms. Applegate: Ken Pave
Editor: David Patton
Makeup: Shauna O'Toole
Production Design: Tony Swansey
AC: Ray Lee
G&E: Tom Pena, Ricky Fosheim, Julien Lormant, & Ryan Ovadia
Sound: BoTown Sound
Stunt Coordinator: Tony Snegoff
Stunt double for Ms. Applegate: Monica Braunger
Choreographer: Sasja Lee
Key PA: Elliot Dickerhoof
PAs: Liz Lanteri & Andrew Furtado
Wardrobe Thanks to SPANX (Maggie Adams+Rebecca Turk)
Key Costumer: Heather Lake
Set Photographer: Tiffany Roohani
Special thanks: Eric Kranzler & Jessica DiBiase
Extra special thanks: Nicole Williams of Allure Dance and Fitness Studio ( )


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
Christian Applegate: Hey, I'm Roxy Fedaro and
I'm here to show you how
Christian Applegate: you can be seductive and
confident with my new DVD...
Christina Applegate: ...Prenatal Pole Dancing.
(Christina Aguilera "Dirrty" plays)
Christina Aguilera: (sings) Wanna get rowdy
Christina Aguilera: (sings) Gonna get a little unruly
Christina Aguilera: (sings) Get it fired up in a hurry
Wanna get dirrty
Christina Applegate: Many women experience these
things called hormones.
Christina Applegate: Because you're like a
total fat-ass,
Christina Applegate: you don't feel
sexy anymore.
Christina Applegate: But that's why you need
something I like to call seducidence.
Christina Applegate: That's seductive confidence
put together.
Christina Applegate: Just because you put on an
extra 50 pounds does not
Christina Applegate: mean you're not hot.
Prenatal pole dancing works
Christina Applegate: because when men see
pregnant women, they know
Christina Applegate: she's down for sex.
Christina Applegate: So, when you start pole
dancing, men can't handle
Christina Applegate: it and they want to
fondle it.
Christina Applegate: That's trademarked.
Jessalyn Gilsig: I can use these pole
dancing moves anywhere.
Jessalyn Gilsig: I mean, anywhere there's
music you can start dancing right?
Jessalyn Gilsig: And a lot of men like it,
which is good, because I
Jessalyn Gilsig: actually don't know who the
father of my baby is.
[farting sounds]
Christina Applegate: It happens. He'll understand.
(Justin Timberlake "SexyBack" plays)
Wendi McLendon-Covey: I asked Roxy Fedaro,
Wendi McLendon-Covey: "Hey is it safe for me to
pole dance while I'm pregnant?"
Wendi McLendon-Covey: She said, "I'm not a
doctor, but yes, it's fine."
Christina Applegate: So many things are
dangerous. Driving a car.
Christina Applegate: Walking down the street.
Rollerskating. Eating too
Christina Applegate: many jelly beans. Staying
up late. Pole dancing.
Christina Applegate: Wait, no, not pole dancing.
Danger is sexy.
Christina Applegate: I can't see my fucking lady parts anymore.
But I can still
Christina Applegate: show you how I
work them.
Christina Applegate: Call now!
Male Voiceover: Call 1-555-HOT-PRGR. That's
one, five, five, five, hot,
Male Voiceover: p, r, g, r for Prenatal
Pole Dancing.
Male Voiceover: Act now before you pregnancy
is over.
Wendi McLendon-Covey: And the cold pole feels
good on my 'roids.