Emmy performs at her showcase with surprising results.

Full Credits

Starring Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod, Nancy Pagan, Gus Ibranyi, Jason Ongoco, Eileen Gaughan, Eric Alter, Sarah Darnsteadt and introducing Rhiannon Negron.
Written & Edited by Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod at Jake Leg Films.
Directed by Rachel Skrod
Tech Crew: Joanna Lu, Eileen Gaughan, Jason Ongoco, Nancy Pagan
"Xpress Yoself" Written by Num
Performed by Num & the Nu Afrika
From the album Peace Signs
Special Thanks to Raymond E. Gintner, Dan Drew, Eric Johnson
Copyright (c) 2010
Rendering Production with Jake Leg Films
Original Airdate: 10/13/2010
The characters and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.
PLACES PLEASE is a web series that follows three best friends, Jack (Rodney E. Reyes), Fitz (Jonathan Weirich) and Emmy (Rachel Skrod) through their hilarious trials and tribulations as out of work actors/directors/writers/filmmakers as they try to "make it" and find their place in the New York City independent arts scene. With Daryl Denner and Nancy Pagan.
Created by
Rodney E. Reyes & Jonathan Weirich
Executive Producers:
Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod
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