This is what happens when your grandma takes shrooms. The newest music video from Don't Stop or We'll Die (Michael Cassady, Paul Rust, an...
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Don't Stop or We'll Die is: Michael Cassady, Paul Rust, Harris WittelsAs The Grannies: H. Chris Brown, Bunny Gibson & Pat McNeelyCousin Keith: Jon HuckDirected by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael and Jacob Reed)Concept: Don’t Stop or We’ll Die and TremendosaurProduced by: Allison HordExecutive Produced by: Mike FarahDP: Andy KnappProduction Design: Ayse ArfStop Motion Design/Animation: Harry ChaskinVFX: Dustin Bowser, Andy Maxwell, Jacob Reed, Karim YoussefVFX Consultant: Harry ChaskinMakeup: Sarah Dorsey, Haley O’NeilAC: Jason TippetGaffer: Zac AdamsGrip: Whitney JonesPA: Benji Aflalo, Chuck Lines, Eric Norwine, Julia Prescott, Becca Scheuer, Jeremy Slome & Joe Roksandic
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Published April 19, 2012
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