Who will be elected the next Santa? Christopher McDonald, David Koechner, Maria... more »
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Christopher McDonald, David Koechner, Maria Bamford and Andre Royo
Featuring: Perry Smith and Mike Rousselet
Written/Directed/Edited: Scott Gairdner
Produced by: Betsy Koch and Matt Mazany
Director of Photography: Mike Manasewitsch
DP for Mack Henry segment: Brian Lane
1st AC: Nathan Cornett
1st AD: Matt Mazany
Art Dept: Jessica Tohir
Hair/ MU: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Janicza Bravo
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
Gaffer: Elizabeth Yarwood
PA's: Kyle Mizono, Andrew Grissam
Special Thanks to: Erica Rothschild, Josh Zetumer, Brad Schulz
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