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Writer: Alex Scordelis
Director/Editors: Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm
Producers: Christian Heuer and Eleanor Winkler
Talent: Jay Leno, Ben Parks, Shawn James, Bob Turton, Ryan Stanger, Elizabeth Bond Murphy, Ross Buran, Julian Gant, Andrew Grissom, Milan Maksimovic, Dmitriy Siniuk
VO: Gopal Bidari
DP: Tom Banks
1AC: Mobi Olaoniye
2AC: Michael Lincoln
Production Design: Nathan Carden
Art: Amanda Bush, Shane Driscoll
GNE: John Gorman, Scott Franklin, Robert Exner, Jennifer Cohen
Production Coordinators: Andrew Grissom
PA: Ben Parks
HMU: Taylor Tompkins
Wardrobe: Jordy Scheinberg

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September 21, 2015


NARRATOR: It's not a sports car.
It's not a luxury car.
It's not a hybrid car.
Jay Leno: It's a denim car.
NARRATOR: Meet the Leno 501.
The first all denim car.
( music plays )
With doors that zipper open,
the Leno 501 is crafted from
the finest, distressed,
American made, stone washed denim.
Designed by Jay Leno. The worlds
finest connoisseur of denim,
and cars.
Every piece of denim on this
car has been worn personally by me
( horn honks )
Nice ride.
I want to get me one of them.
NARRATOR: Jay insured the Jay 501
would be the safest car
on the road, by installing
overalls as seat belts.
I made these out of two pairs of
coveralls I took off
two drifters I sideswiped going
through Tempe, Arizona one night.
You know it's the personal touches
that make a great
NARRATOR: And if you get in
a vendor bender just clean
it up with a detergent stick.
Hey Jay, does it come in a
mom jean?
We're working on it.
- How about a relaxed fit?
- Oh, it's coming.
Or a skinny jean?
( laughter )
NARRATOR: The Leno 501 is the
perfect car for the
environmentally conscious
driver, as it runs on
laundry detergent, and not
With ample trunk space in the
two pockets in the back
side, the Leno 501 is the perfect
car for the new millennium.
( car horn )
Mr. Leno! You look like a
floating head.
You're all denim, and your
car is all denim.
Pretty cool, huh?
The Leno 501,
it's a lean, mean, jean machine.
Hey Jay, where the seat belts at?
Hey Jay, it's on E.