Ryan introduces his brand new fragrance to the world.

Full Credits

Starring Ryan Lochte
Writer/Director/Editor- Nick Corirossi & Charles Ingram
Producer- Betsy Koch
DP- Brian Lane
Sound- Ryan Kaiser
Art- Micah Embry
PA- Jenna Sarkin


♪ ♪
Ryan Lochte: Welcome back to LOCHTv.
[ soft ♪ ♪ ]
Ryan Lochte: I'd very much like to talk to you about
my newest product exploration.
Ryan Lochte: My newest
cologne Pool Water.
Ryan Lochte: Water straight from the pool
I swim in everyday allowing anyone to
smell the chlorinated way I smell.
Ryan Lochte: Dab a dab on the wrist.
Ryan Lochte: Ladies can't resist.
Ryan Lochte: Triple over your head.
That's what I said.
Ryan Lochte: Or maybe you can
put a little sprinkle tinkle
under your nose
Ryan Lochte: so just only
you can smell it.
Ryan Lochte: [ softly ]
It'll be our little secret.
[ water rustling ]
Ryan Lochte: [ softly ]
You want to know
another little secret?
Ryan Lochte: There's a special
ingredient only I know in there.
Ryan Lochte: My personal
signature if you will.
Ryan Lochte: Come on.
You know what it is.
[ water rustling ]
Ryan Lochte: You remember what
I do in pools, don't you?
♪ ♪
Ryan Lochte: Every bottle's unique.
You'll see.
Ryan Lochte: This one has a bit
more of a gold twang to it.
Ryan Lochte: Why?
Because I melted my
gold medals down,
Ryan Lochte: incorporated them
into the mixture.
Ryan Lochte: That's why they're gold.
Ryan Lochte: Hey lady.
Ryan Lochte: You smell that.
Hana Mae Lee: Smells like you've
just been in the pool.
Ryan Lochte: Yeah baby.
It's the gentle musk of a man.
Ryan Lochte: And they don't call it
o'dea toilet for nothing, mama.
Hana Mae Lee: 'Cause pools
are your toilet?
♪ ♪