My God this is enjoyable.

Full Credits

Written and Directed by Jeff Garlin.
Starring Aubrey Plaza, Josh Gad, and Matt Edgar.
Produced by Mike Farah and Josh Simpson.
Shot and Edited by Brad Schulz.

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January 27, 2010


The video opens with Aubrey Plaza and Josh Gad sitting opposite of each
other in a booth at a diner. Josh Gad is looking at Aubrey Plaza
attentively. Aubrey Plaza looks unhappy. There is considerable
background noise. There is the sound of indistinguishable human voices,
the clatter of silverware and sound of dishes banging together.

Aubrey Plaza: So, thanks for coming. I wanted to talk to you because I
fee like I'm not myself lately and I just think I need a change. I don't
think we're in sink anymore. It's not feeling right for some reason.
And, I have been thinking a lot about, is it just me, but it's not. It's

Josh Gad looks down to the top of the booth table and appears sad. The
shot cuts to Matt Edgar sliding into the booth on the opposite side of
Aubrey Plaza.

Matt Edgar: Hey, so what's going on?

Aubrey Plaza: Hey, so, I really wanted to talk to you because I feel
like I'm not myself lately. I feel really unhappy and I don't like it. I
feel like we're not communicating like we used to. You know, I don't
know why, but I feel like whenever I'm talking to you, I'm talking to
myself. And, I don't know what's going on with you half the time. You
know, you don't say anything, you just stare at me.

The shot pulls back to reveal that Josh Gad is still sitting in the
booth, next to Matt Edgar.

Aubrey Plaza: I ask you what you're thinking and you say nothing. I have
thought a lot about, is it just me, but it's not. It's you.

Matt Edgar says nothing and looks down, appearing sad. Josh Gad turns to
the camera and speaks directly to the audience.

Josh Gad: I'm a ghost.

Josh Gad gives the camera a very creepy smile. There is a pregnant pause
and Josh gad continues to give the camera a creepy smile. In the
meantime, Matt Edgar and Aubrey Plaza sit there, looking uncomfortable
and saying nothing to each other.

The shot cuts to black.