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Full Credits

Starring Jean Smart & Christina Applegate
Featuring: Matt Oberg, Steve Szlaga, Drew Tarver, Richard Gilliand, Drew Fuller, Skylar Fisher-Duddy, Bill Coelius, Amy Harber, Ann Lansang, Denise Vasquez, Michell Gallagher, Ryan Cousins & David Kaye
Writer: Jody Lambert & Matt Oberg
Director: Jody Lambert
Producer: Betsy Koch, Rachel Goldenberg & Becca Scheuer
Coordinator: Eric Norwine
Editor: Justin Nijm
DP: Berenice Eveno
Cam Op: Cristina Dunlap
AC: Tony Jou
Gaffer: Rob Edgecomb
Key Grip: William Hayek
Sound: Danny Carpenter for Botown Sound
Production Design: Kyle Smith
Set Decorator: Charles Nankivel
Wardrobe : Derya Derman
Hair/Makeup: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
PA: Ross Buran


[Intro Theme Music]
[music playing]
Jean Smart: Don't forget
your backpack honey.
On my birthday, can I see
Walking with Dinosaurs?
Of course sweetie.
Jean Smart: Well, even though it's
been in development for
Jean Smart: 3 years, I doubt it will be in
the theaters for 3 weeks.
Jean Smart: Online domestic pre-sales are
hovering around zero.
Jean Smart: Fox is hitting the
panic button again.
How do you know
all that stuff Nik?
Male Speaker 1: She knows all
of their secrets, but
no one knows hers.
Only one blogger has the
courage to tell the truth.
Jean Smart: So, you're saying
it's a soft pass to McConaughey?
[door bell]
Jean Smart: Time to make
some deadlines.
Did you hear Mandy Patinkin
is leaving Grossman?
Hi. We're ready to order.
[Background Voice] We'll have
the mushroom first.
Christina Applegate: If they were going to offer
the part to Chasten anyway,
Christina Applegate: why the fuck did I get this
fucking hair cut?
Christina Applegate: [Background] Whatever--
Male Speaker 1: But sometimes
the blogosphere
can become a terror dome.
Careful Nik.
He's coming for you.
Jean Smart: Who's coming?
Jean Smart: Penske funds my blog.
He's the only one I can trust.
I guess Penske runs his Hollywood blog,
like he runs his truck rental.
Jean Smart: How so?
Always get the insurance.
Jean Smart: Oh. Sorry, I got to go.
Jean Smart: Zachary Quinto's TV shingle
just stole it's first pitch.
Is it a comedy or drama?
Is it a single-cam or multi-cam?
I want her gone.
Mom, you're on the computer.
Target is not locked.
I repeat, target is not locked.
Where the hell is she?
Take the shot.
Oh God!
[Gun Shot]
I don't care if Pierce Brosnan
left his [manicure?].
I care about my family.
Male Speaker 2: You're done Nikki.
It's over.
Jean Smart: Oh Jay, I'm
just getting started.
Male Speaker 3: Who are you?
Jean Smart: I think it's time
we find out.
Male Speaker 1: Deadline
Jean Smart: Told ya.
[Ending Theme Jingle]