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Full Credits

Jared Harris - Actor
Fran Gillespie - Actor
Pam Murphy - Actor
Dave Theune - Actor
Ryan Perez - Director/Writer/Editor
Andrew Grissom - Producer
Ross Buran - Production Coordinator
Aaron Ulrich - DP
Brian Lane - 1st AC
Ian Thomas - Gaffer
Kyle Smith - Art Director
Vicky Chan - Art PA
Jordy Scheinberg - Wardrobe
Brenna Haukedahl - Hair/MU
Ben Parks - PA
Libby DeLeon - PA
Mike Robertson - Sound


Bruce Jenner, good for him you know. I wonder why he picked the name Caitlyn?

> He probably wanted something that sounded feminine. You know, pretending to be
a woman and all.

> Your pronouns are more scrambled than the scrambled eggs upon your plate, but it
won't do. No, not at all.

> Who are you?

> Professor Horace Brandlhof at your service. I couldn't help but over hear the atrocious,
offensive, utterly intensive, misappropriation of terminology, transgender.

> Who are you?

> I am a grammarian extraordinaire.

> Did I say something wrong?

> You referenced Caitlyn Jenner with the pronoun he, but you would be a grammar winner
if you had said she. For that is what Caitlyn prefers to be, you see.

> Right, I forgot, transexuals like to be called by whatever they chose to be post op.

> Transexuals is not an appropriate umbrella term, nor is post op. Not all transgender people
have operations, ergo, not all transgender people are post op.

> What are you talking about?

> I told you to stay in the car. I'm in the middle of a lesson.

> Who is this? Verna Sheboyl. Nice to meet'cha.

> Verna is my main pupil. I'm trying to turn her into lady.
Can I have some of your grub?

> Um, okay sure.

> Oh sure, thanks.

> Let us redirect our minefield of gaps that is terminology transgender.

> You were saying that these transgenders don't like to be called transexuals.

> Yes, now, transgenders, they are not to be called transgenders. Nor should an extraneous ed zappit be applied.
One is not transgender, one would not say that Elton John had been gayed.

> Or to say Elton John is getting gay every night. If you know what I mean.

> I don't know what you're talking about. Verna is already a charming young lady.

> When I first met you I thought you was a bloody bitch, but now I think you're alright
I guess if you really push me on it.

> Please, can we stay on task?

> So when a man's pretending to be a woman...

> Transgender people are not pretending.
They simply are.

> Well there's just so many rules.

> No, there not really that many rules, and I'm sure if Caitlyn Jenner was sitting
with us here, now he would appreciate the fact that...

> You said he.

> What?

> Yeah, you said it.

> I think you're mistaken. No, I did not.

> You said he, I heard you.

> You said it.

> You said he?

> You said he?

> Now, now, now, we're all on a learning curve.

> But you said he.

> I am learning to.

> I heard he.
[Interposing Voices]

> We're friends and we don't want you around.

> I'm afraid I have a sudden come emergency on the other side of town. Verna and I must
sadly have to leave.

> You said he.
[Interposing Voices]