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Gary is a boss. At least he thinks he is.
Published April 12, 2010 1.7k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Directed by Matthew Ballen & Casey Donahue
Written by Matthew Ballen
Additional lyrics by Casey Donahue & Andrea Allen
Music by Casey Donahue
Produced by John Rosenblatt & Matthew Ballen
Co-Producers: Andrea Allen, Brian Townes
Edited by Matthew Ballen & Casey Donahue
Additional Editing by H. Spencer Young
Gary: Casey Donahue
Female Singer: Jordyn Brenner
Mr. Williams: Will Nunziata
Phil: Stuart Ginsberg
Kirk: Brendan Banks
Linda: Rose Surnow
Cynthia: Andrea Allen
Mom: Marcy Lovitch
Additional Office Workers:
Pat Ball
Matthew Ballen
Marina Cockenberg
Jonathan Gass
Julia Heffernan
Anna Hiort
Sam Morrill
Joe Schmitt
Kevin Sheurs
Blake Whitman
Director of Photography: John Rosenblatt, Don Downie
Camera Operator/Sound: Scott Herriott
AC/Grip: Evan Kay
Art Director: Brian Townes
Production Assistants: Pat Ball, Robert Ross
Colorist: H. Spencer Young
Post-Production Sound: Chad Birmingham
Casey Donahue
Jordyn Brenner
Pat Falco
Bert Mayer
Cora Meginsky
James Melloni
Final Cut Pro On-Line: H. Spencer Young
Special Thanks: Vimeo, Rosey Media, Scott Herriott, Paul Hsu, C5, ScriptLaunch
©2010 Matthew Ballen & Casey Donahue
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Published April 12, 2010
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