Hot off the success of "Cars" and "Planes", a room full of executives dreams up the... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written/Directed/Edited by Justin Dec (http://justindec.com)
Produced by Terry Miller & Nicole Crespo
Director of Photography - Nathaniel Fu (http://fustudios.com)
Music by Jesse Wiener (http://jessewiener.com)
Camera Operated by Martin Gradek
Gaffed by James Moran
Camera Assistants - Henry Chan & Stacy Fang
Audio Mixed by Kevin Murray
Colorist - Patrick Bellanger (http://vimeo.com/patrickbellanger)
Sound - Leonard Nasca
Hair & Make Up - Nonomari Yanagida
"Sail On (Theme from Boats)" Performed by Jesse Wiener (feat. Maggie Joy Anderson)
Boats Poster designed by Stacy Lefevre
Boats Logo designed by Stefanie Huynh (http://vimeo.com/sutefeni)
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