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Starring: Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Zach Galifianakis, Maya Rudolph, Jon Heder, Eva Mendes & Christina Applegate
Writer: David Ferguson
Directors: Scott Gairdner, Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Producers: Allison Hord and Betsy Koch
DP: Brian Lane, Elliot Dickerhoof, Brad Schultz
Editors: Liam White & Scott Gairdner


(theme music)
Male: So what's going on
here? What are you doing?
Voicover: Mr. Will Ferrell actually
won the Mark Twain Prize for Humor.
We're just asking people to share
their personal memories of Will.
Male: Really?
First of all that's wonderful,
congratulations Will.
Female: My favorite memory of Will?
Probably this letter.
Female: I just want to
say thank you so much
for your contribution
to comedy over the years
and of course for the incredible
letter that you wrote me.
Male: The letter you sent me.
Amy: I like to think of it more as a smile
that was delivered to me in letter form.
Sarah: Dear Sarah, you are the single,
most important influence in my life.
Female: You're the single, most
important influence in my life.
Amy: The single, most
important influence in my life.
Male: It may surprise you to
hear such words but they're true.
And I've never shared
them with anyone before.
John: I've never shared
them with anyone before.
Female: Anyone before.
Female: You may have noticed that
I've even mimiced your style.
Amy: What is anchorman?
John: What is bewitched?
Sarah: If not an homage to
the Sarah Silverman Program.
John: If not an [unintelligible]
dynamite [till].
Male: You know it's about
this, he sent me two letters.
Amy: Maybe one day with your help.
Sarah: I can be as great as you.
Male: Practically, exactly alike.
Female: But for now let's just accept it.
John: You, John.
Amy: Amy Poehler.
Male: [Unintelligible] Adam.
Female: Are my hero.
Male: This is one, and
they're seven years apart.
John: Well I hope this
letter flatters you.
Sarah: It did.
Female: I ask that you keep it
in a personal and special place.
Male: It's a form letter.
Female: Knowing that our connection
is something so profound.
Female: Others would be -
John: Jealous.
Amy: Or fail.
Female: To -
Voiceover: I think it's a coincidence.
Male: You know what? You
know what I feel like doing?
I feel like going down there.
Female: Sincerely.
Female: John.
Sarah: William.
Amy: Ferrell.
Male: It's a form letter.
You sent me two form letters.
You son of a bitch.
Amy: PS.
John: My wife and I.
Female: Are naming our
first daughter after you.
(guitar music)
Sarah: Meant a lot.
Male: Guys bring the
camera in a little closer,
I want you to see the emotion in my eyes.
Male: Get out! Get out of here!
Voiceover: Mark Twain Awards.
Male: He doesn't know who Mark Twain is.
Put that camera -
(guitar music)
Male: Now can you play a
different kind of music.
(piano music)
Thank you, that's better.
(piano music)