Finally, a phone designed specifically to record police brutality, call the police... more »

Full Credits

Jerrod Carmichael
Jay Jackson
Kiarah Pollas
Kevin Ray
Director- Alex Richanbach
Writer- Christine Nangle
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Editor- Brad Schultz
DP- Jonathan Nicholas
1st AC- Michael Lincoln
Key Grip- Eddy Scully
Gaffer- Joey Henderson
Swing- Tyler Startzell
Sound- Ben Forman
Wardrobe- Derya Derman
Hair & Makeup- Danielle Rotella
PA- Edgar Castillo, Spencer Garrison
Studio Teacher- Max Zarou
Background- Erin Taylor, Jack Dahlin, Jessie Kelly
Motion Graphics- Shawn James


Jerrod Carmichael: Welcome to b-mobile.
I'm Jerrod.
Jerrod Carmichael: How may I help you?
Well, we're looking
for some new phones.
The ones we have
aren't quite working out.
Jerrod Carmichael: I'm sure we can
help you out with that.
Jerrod Carmichael: Now, what do you
normally use your phones for?
A little bit of internet.
-Some texting.
-But mostly...
My battery just died again.
Jerrod Carmichael: Filming the police?
Jerrod Carmichael: You need the
new Onyx by b-mobile.
Jerrod Carmichael: It comes equipped
with this state of the art
Jerrod Carmichael: battery that lasts 12 times
longer of that of our competitors.
Jerrod Carmichael: So now you can not only
film racially motivated arrests,
Jerrod Carmichael: but also the entire chain
of routine police procedure
Jerrod Carmichael: that could inexplicably
turn deadly for folks like us.
I'm listening.
Jerrod Carmichael: [Jerrod]: Onyx by b-mobile offers
tons of special features like
Jerrod Carmichael: badge number recognition
software, extra data for
Jerrod Carmichael: posting your videos on
social media, and a special feature
Jerrod Carmichael: that allows you to call
the police, on the police, while
you're filming the police.
And we'll have enough
battery life left to Skype into
Anderson Cooper 360?
-And organize rallies on Twitter?
And film the good cops
that just sit back, while all the bad
cops do what they want?
Jerrod Carmichael: That's my favorite part too.
Jerrod Carmichael: And we have great rates
on family packages, because we
Jerrod Carmichael: know how important
it is to keep tabs on family
during times like these.
Jerrod Carmichael: Oh, and for a limited time,
each member of your plan
Jerrod Carmichael: gets this special brutality
proof case for free.
Jerrod Carmichael: But it's mostly just a
strong battery for all the
filming you'll be doing.
Well you can almost say
it's a battery for filming battery.
-[together] Dad!
-[police siren wailing]
Jerrod Carmichael: Looks like a routine traffic stop.
Everybody get your cameras out.
Let's go.
[Son]: I got it.
[Male #1]: Onyx by b-mobile.
No guarantee that filming
the cops will stop misconduct.
Isn't that [bleep] up?