Meet the comedian who literally wrote the book on dad jokes. No one does wordplay,... more »

Full Credits

RON: Matt Oberg
MARCUS: Dwayne Colbert
JEFF: Chris Grace
TODD: Jesus Trejo
WRITER Josh Brown
DIRECTOR / EDITOR Adriana Robles
DIRECTOR Hannah Levy
DP Matt Sweeney
1st AC/ CAM OP Matt Krueger
GAFFER William Christensen
KEY GRIP Craig Shoemacher
SWING Mike McKinnon
SET DRESSER Kate Alden Rand
MAKEUP Morgan McDonnell
SOUND MIXER Peter Olsted & Botown Sound
PA Steven Taylor

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(folk music)
- [Emcee] All right, guys.
You know this next dad from The Den.
He's Tyler's dad, give it up for Ron.
(light applauding)
- All right, guys, how you doing?
(clears throat)
- So, uh, the other day
my son, Tyler, that's my big guy,
comes up to me and he says,
"Hi, Dad.
"I'm hungry."
I shake his hand, "Oh, nice to meet you, Hungry."
I wrote my first dad joke on a Denny's napkin.
I'll just read it.
My son, Tyler, asked, "How long until breakfast?"
I pointed at the kitchen and said, "About 15 feet."
He meant how much time, but...
That's when I knew I was one of the greats.
The guys and I will get together about once a week,
work on some new material.
- What about Bruno Mars?
I'm a Mars--
- Who's your brother, Bruno Jupiter?
(dads laughing)
- That's it.
- That's good.
- [Off Camera] Boom.
- These guys, they're craftsmen.
- And then she goes,
"Dad, why'd you put my laptop in the freezer?"
And I go,
"Honey, I thought you kids liked to Netflix and chill."
I'm not looking for laughter.
I want groans.
If they groan, you know what they're thinking.
- So, I save all of my jokes in my (knocks) hard drive.
Uh, let's see what we got here.
(clears throat) Here's one.
So my son asks, "Why did you name me Tyler?"
I said, "Well, we wanted a Taylor,
but when we went to the baby store
all they had left was Tylers."
Tyler was actually my grandfather's middle name,
my son never knew.
I got him.
- Facebook?
How about you face a book and read it?
- Oh!
- What if you cut out all the words and you go (quacking)?
- Todd's a new dad.
He's got an eight-month-old,
so most of his stuff is silly faces.
- You know, we've all done that material.
We're here to help develop his voice.
- Maybe stick to wordplay.
- My doctor says I need hearing aids,
but I don't listen.
Can you understand how that's really funny?
- That's great, that's pretty...
I mean, this is great.
There's no one like Ron.
- Number one dad.
Pretty cool, huh?
I bought that.
- Waitress comes up to me, she says, "Excuse me, sir.
"Would you like clams or mussels?"
I said, "Hmm, I'm pretty sure
I got plenty of muscles right here."
North north north.
It's your favorite band, guys.
One direction.
I hardly know her!
- Watching Ron is watching a maestro.
- Succeeding on this level does require sacrifice.
You know, on the one hand I'm the biggest dad there is.
On the other hand, I don't see my kids that much.
They spend most of their time with their stepdad.