ReelsurReal's trailer for its upcoming films "THEMS," a mixture of 50's campy sci-fi and 70's grindhouse.

Full Credits

1) Eliab Alvarez de la Campa - writer, director, cinematographer, editor, titles.
2) Larry Bentley - camera operator, post-production special effects, sound engineer
3) Mark Asch - composer
1) Mark Asch - The General
2) Jesus Rodriguez - Handsome devil
3) Natalie Rodriguez - 50's bombshell
4) Fuciek Fortunka - Mad scientist & Gangsta
5) Eliab Alvarez de la Campa - Gangsta


By direction of the mayor of the city of Newark, stay in your cribs, I repeat, stay in your cribs. Your personal safety, the safety of the entire hood, depends upon your full cooperation with the insecticide authorities.

Yes shit holes, projects, ghettos, even gangstas is threatened with intimidation. Because in one moment of history making bug spray...nature...wicked...mad-pissed...brought its most bombastic creation. For born in that swirling hell of crack were things so bushwhack...there is no word to describe THEMS!

We may be witnesses to a biblical prophesy come true! And there shall be darkness and destruction come upon the ghetto! And those dirty stinking roaches shall reign over the hood!

Yes the hood, the rooftops above and the cellars below, infested by swarms of nighttime crawlers. Jacked, badder than the armored thugs of post riot eras. Here is a balls-deep dive into terror as the ghetto erupts with an ill battle for survival. Here is a dope-induced moment of suspense as the barrio totters before a thing that multiplies faster than they can say, "Habla Espanol?" Here is a desperate plunge into the black depths of the hood where pit bulls and 9s challenge THEMS disrespect, THEMS scavenging jaws, THEMS shit that protect the subterranean cribs where THEMS mothafuckas spawn their whack bitches!