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Full Credits

Starring- Jerry O'Connell, Brandon Johnson, Jerry Minor
Featuring - Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram, Allison Hord
DP - Brian Lane
Grip, Sound - Elliot Dickerhoof
Producer - Allison Hord
Editor - Andy Maxwell


Brandon Johnson : Alright, go ahead and slate.
Jerry O’Connell: Jerry O’Connell, reading the role of Charlie.
Jerry Minor: Go ahead and make it your own. You know, obviously the role is already there, but do your best with it, okay?
Jerry O’Connell: Okay.
Brandon Johnson : And thanks again for coming in Jerry.
Jerry O’Connell: Thanks for having me. This is exciting. Everything’s moving so fast.
Ally Hord: Have you been drinking all this wine, Charlie?
Jerry O’Connell: What wine? Will it make Tanya go away?
Ally Hord: If you drink enough, it’ll make anyone go away.
Jerry O’Connell: I won’t be needing this then.
Ally Hord: Getting drunk this early in the morning usually…
Jerry O’Connell: I like you.
Ally Hord: …has bad consequences, Charlie.
Jerry O’Connell: You’re a goddess. You are.
Brandon Johnson: Okay, Jerry, we don’t really need you to improvise right now. If you just want to read what’s on the page, we’re sort of at a critical pass today.
Jerry O’Connell: I’m an F-18. Listen. I pay women to hang out. Whatever else happens. I’m on a roll people.
Jerry Minor: Okay, I like what you’re doing there. You know what? Here’s an idea. Let’s just let you get that out, okay. Obviously, you’ve got some ideas, so let’s let you roll for a little bit. Alright, let’s start from the beginning, alright?
Ally Hord: You ready?
Jerry O’Connell: My father was in Apocalypse Now. Winning. Okay. Duh.
Jerry O’Connell: I have tiger blood, but I have a puma mind.
Jerry O’Connell: I have a brother, too. Emilio.
Jerry O’Connell: Winning.
Jerry Minor: Jerry, Jerry, that’s not the line.
Jerry O’Connell: Winning. Winning. Don’t get mad at me because I’m having a better life than you.
Jerry O’Connell: You’re mad because I have a better life than you. You’re all just mad because I have a better life than you.
Jerry O’Connell: I’ll sit down at a table, okay, and I’ll say I’m sorry if I offended you. You can’t take a joke?
Jerry O’Connell: I’m sorry. Goddess. I am sorry.
Brandon Johnson: Whoa! Jerry. Just go ahead and sit back down for us.
Jerry O’Connell: Come on, feel it. Come on, feel the abs.
Ally Hord: Oh my god.
Jerry O’Connell: Let’s reslate. I’m sorry. Okay. I’m gonna bring it down.
Jerry O’Connell: Pow. Pow.
Jerry O’Connell: I’ve got a woman in my room who won’t leave and it’s almost 10am. I have a date in a couple hours. If she stays any longer there’s going to be bad consequences.
Ally Hord: Gee, 10am, that’s a record right? Usually, you kick them out before 8.
Jerry O’Connell: Yeah.
Jerry Minor: Uh oh.
Jerry O’Connell: Yeah.
Brandon Johnson: No.
Jerry Minor: You don’t have to do anything...
Jerry O’Connell: I can show you something.
Jerry Minor: …just go back into the scene.
Jerry O’Connell: Oh god, push it. Tiger pee. Tiger pee. Tiger pee-pee.
Jerry O’Connell: Look at me, goddess. Look at me. Look at me.
Ally Hord: No.
Ally Hord: No!
Jerry O’Connell: There you go. Test it. Test it. Test it.
Jerry Minor: Test it? Test it with what?
Jerry O’Connell: Clean. Clean.
Brandon Johnson: There’s no way to test it.
Jerry Minor: Oh my god. No. No. No!
[ Horrified screaming and yelling ]
Jerry O’Connell: Yeah.
Jerry Minor: Why would you do that?
Jerry O’Connell: It’s a party man.
Brandon Johnson: Cut! Cut!
Jerry O’Connell: Winning.
Brandon Johnson: Cut!
Jerry O’Connell: Winning. Winning.
Jerry O’Connell: I’m Charlie. I’m Charlie. I’m Charlie.