This couple is proof that Jewish therapists are the best therapists.

Full Credits

Directed By Matt Oates
Written By Elon Gold & Ari Schiffer
Starring Allison Miller, Adam Nee & Elon Gold
Cinematography By Brian Lane & Liam White
Edited By Brian Lane & Liam White
Produced By Rachel Goldenberg, Elon Gold & Willie Mercer
Sound: Ryan Kaiser

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->Hi I'm Elon Gold.Adam cheated on me.Ah, whoops, didn't mean to.Mm-hmm, we were nearly falling totally apart,I just thought that meant yoga.Nope, it doesn't.Mm-hmm, turns out, that is a Jewish name.It is, and he is a Jew.He was a big old Jew.Very tall, I was surprised, I've never seen them that big.Yeah, I didn't know they grew that big.But you know what, he was amazing.I am, I was, I did.So we are back together and we are happier than ever,Seth, he uh--And we're back on Facebook as in a relationship,