Can you believe it?!?! They're already working on a sequel to the movie Cowboys & Aliens. Here is the preview.

Full Credits

Written by Earle Monroe, Arianna Ortiz
Directed by Earle Monroe, Elizabeth Otero
Produced by Arianna Ortiz, Earle Monroe, Elizabeth Otero
Shot and edited (plus sound mixing, special effects, etc.) by Matt Macar
Additional Crew: Nicole Stanton, Jesus Gonzalez, Michael Etzrodt, Arianna Ortiz
Lonergan - Earle Monroe
Bandito - Sergio de Oliveira
Olivia - Jessica Goldapple
Bartender Hipster - Charlie Hunter
Art Walk Hipster - Iselle Slome
Banjo Hipster - Wes Roberts
Cassette Hipster - Peter Pasco
Theramin Hipster - Tony Mouleart
Brooklyn Hipster - Ellen Clifford
Outstanding Hipster - Sandy Wells
Open Mic Hipster - Clark Moore
Young Hipster - Kevin Calderon
Burger Hipster - Arianna Ortiz
Taco Hipster - Dudley Beene
Dov Charney - Eric Frost Barnes