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Mexican TV sports reporter, Ines Sainz, was given a hard time when she recently... more »
Published September 20, 2010 330 views More Info »

The most interesting part of the story involving the New York Jets locker room and that hot mexican sports reporter, Ines Sainz,
- yeah that one with those jeans...I’ve never seen a bottom anything
like that, really - is that she never complained about the “cat-calls”
that the players gave her in the New York Jets locker room. You know who
did...Rex Ryan.  He thought his breast looked way better.

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This whole Jets locker room incident is getting a little out of control, now with Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis saying
that after staring at all of the “packages” - yeah, he said that - how
could Sainz not want one of the Jets players.  I’m not going to blame
Sainz for what she was wearing.  One, because it was awesome.  Two,
because that is what does (she’s a hot sports reporter, not a serious
newscaster).  My issue is with why do these serious reporters (male or
female) feel its necessary to be in the locker room while the players
are showering and putting on clothes. Can’t the reporters just wait
until they come out of the locker room. Maybe its my hang-up but I try
to make it a rule that I don’t talk to another dude why his package is
out...just my thing.  

The Kevin Kolb era - yes, Kolb -
all of you professional sportscasters who still can’t get it right -
officially lasted two quarters in Philadelphia.  As the Eagles
quarterback was knocked out of their Week 1 game against the Packers
with a concussion.  Eagles back-up, Michael Vick, sparked a second half
rally that fell short but Philly fans are calling for Vick to be the
starter.  In unrelated news Kevin Kolb’s dog has been missing since the
weekend.  If you know of its whereabouts please contact Bad Newz Kennels at

This episodes poll goes out to all the Philadelphia Eagles fans out there.  Who do you want to start at quarterback for the Eagles.  Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick... Vote Now at - the results will be announced next episode.

Let’s see the results from out last poll about if you thought Reggie Bush should be stripped of his Heisman trophy...

75% off you said No.

You would be right, he wasn't stripped of the award he forfeited.

Last Shot in 3,2,1...Caption This results


No one is ever going to be able to take this moment away from you Reggie!......oh wait  - Jesse S

Maybe I could borrow OJ's - Bobby

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