Here’s what you missed so far on the never-ending soap thriller, Point Dume.

Full Credits

Pamela Roylance as "Ginabeth Wood"
Brian Henderson as "Lazlo Wood"
Enver Gjokaj as "Bron Diller"
James Constantine Hadgis as "Professor Pyle"
Ross Maxwell as "Brewster McFadden"
James C. Burns as "Viggo Von Vegas"
Lauren Cohan as "Felicia Von Vegas"
Director: John Lange
Writer: Ross Maxwell
Composer: Marcelino Quiroz
Editor: Matt Freund
FX Editor: John Brown
Sound Design/Mix: Mike Gallagher
Hair/Makeup: Bethany Colson
Producer: James Constantine Hadgis
Producer: Enver Gjokaj
Special Thanks: Marcelino Quiroz, Josh Heine, Curtis Bettencourt, Mike O'Conner, Mila Shah, Jaime Becker, Holt Bailey, and Brian Steele


The video opens with a shot of water crashing up against a cliff. The
word Point Dume appear.

Narrator (voiceover): Previously on Point Dume.

The shot cuts to a speedboat racing across open open water.

Enver Gjokaj (voiceover): Lazlo Wood is back, and he's sniffin around
people's private stuff.

The shot cuts to Brian Henderson getting of the speedboat, standing on a
dock and looking suspicious. The words THE PRODIGAL SON appear beneath
Brian Henderson. The shot cuts to James C. Burns talking on a phone.

James C. Burns: Lazlo Wood will be on the first boat back to Santa
Monica the minute the old man's in the ground.

The words – THE BASTARD TYCOON – appear beneath James C. Burns.

James C. Burns: Virginia Wood will see to that.

The shot cuts to Pamela Roylance chopping vegetables in a kitchen.

Brian Henderson: Are we out of milk?

Pamela Roylance turns to him, whipping the knife up threateningly. The
words – THE SCHEMING STEPMOTHER – appear beneath her.

Pamela Roylance: Why don't you go ask your dead father for milk? Oh
that's right, you can't, can you, Lazlo-- because he's in the grave you
put him in!

The shot cuts back and forth between Pamela Roylance and Brian Henderson
staring at each other hatefully.

Pamela Roylance: There is non-fat milk in the outside fridge.

The shot cuts to Brian Henderson watering a dead plant with Ross Maxwell
standing behind him.

Ross Maxwell: You still don't get what's really going on here in Point
Dume, do you, Lazlo?

The shot cuts to Brian Henderson sniffing a rose in a sunny garden, he
spots sees Ross Maxwell watching him from a window, ominously eating a
cup of yogurt.

The words – THE CREEPY NEW NEIGHBOR – appears next to Ross Maxwell. The
shot cuts to two beakers filled with a glowing green substance.

Lauren Cohan: These aren't lab rats. They're school children.

The shot cuts to James Constantine Hadgis dressed in a lab coat, holding
up a creepy looking doll and hypodermic needle with a strange blue
substance in it.

James Constantine Hadgis: These aren't schoolchildren.

The words – THE FRIENDLY PROFESSOR – appear beneath James Constantine
Hadgis. He leans in to inject one of the kids.

The shot cuts to Enver Gjokaj, shirtless with a hose, at the Von Vegas
horse stables. Lauren Cohan walks up, having finished horse riding. The
beneath her.

Lauren Cohan: I'm thirsty from riding bareback on the dunes. Anything
stiff to drink around here?

Lauren Cohan throws her riding helmet at Enver Gjokaj. James C. Burns
watches them from a balcony.

James C. Burns (voiceover):

That Bron Diller's the most notorious landscapist in Point Dume. I want
him off my property and out of my daughter.

The shot cuts to a shirtless Enver Gjokaj, who has confronted Lauren
Cohan at night in the shrubs. Lauren Cohan rips her hand free.

Lauren Cohan: GO. Get out!

Enver Gjokaj stops her.

Enver Gjokaj: This? Right here? It isn't over.

The words – THE GYPSY GARDNER – appear beneath Enver Gjokaj.

Lauren Cohan leaves. Enver Gjokaj shoves his way out of the shrubs afte
Lauren Cohan.

Enver Gjokaj: It isn't over!

The shot cuts water crashing on the cliff again. Then it cuts to Brian
Henderson looking into a casket and horror crossing his face. The shot
then cuts to Brian Henderson confronting Pamela Roylance in a
restaurant. Brian Henderson shakes off a waiter.

Brian Henderson: What I want?! What I want is to know why my father's
corpse is aging backwards! --and a table for two, NON-smoking.

The shot cuts to Enver Gjokaj and James C. Burns standing at the top of

James C. Burns: I only paid you to plow one thing of mine, Bron Diller.
And you plowed two.

Enver Gjokaj (offscreen): No. No!

James C. Burns then shoots Enver Gjokaj with a shotgun. The shot cuts to
Pamela Roylance and Brian Henderson standing in the kitchen again.

Pamela Roylance:

Why can't you understand that it's because I loved your father so much
that I just want you to promise me this one thing?

Pamela Roylance slams a hand on the pantry door.

Pamela Roylance: Don't EVER go into the pantry. Not ever. I forbid it.

Brian Henderson: How do you expect me to eat?

Pamela Roylance slaps Brian Henderson across the face.

Pamela Roylance: How dare you make me explain myself to you! I am your
step-mother, my God!

The shot cuts to the water crashing against the cliff.

Enver Gjokaj (voiceover): I was drugged last night.

The shot cuts to a shirtless Enver Gjokaj in bed with another shirtless
man played by Enver Gjokaj with a mustache.

Enver Gjokaj (with mustache): Don't pretend it didn't happen.

The shot cuts to James Constantine Hadgis in a basement laboratory.

James Constantine Hadgis: Brewster McFadden. Well I knew it was only a
matter of time.

The shot cuts to Ross Maxwell pointing a gun at James Constantine

Ross Maxwell: What do you know of me...?!

The shot cuts to Lauren Cohan slapping Brian Henderson at a gala event
for confronting her with a letter. The shot cuts to Lauren Cohan
slapping Enver Gjokaj, who is wearing only a bedsheet, after sleeping
with him. The shot cuts to Ross Maxwell slapping himself while staring
into a mirror. The shot cuts to a cougar-cat leaping at Brian
Henderson's face, roaring! The shot cuts to a boat in a harbor exploding
in a fireball! The shot then cuts to Brian Henderson getting marmalade
from the kitchen cupboard at night. The forbidden pantry door suddenly
creaks open behind him, light spilling out from inside. Brian Henderson
stares into the open door with a horrified expression.

Lazlo (V.O.): I'm going to stay in Point Dume this time, and I'm going
to find out what killed my father.

The shot cuts, in sequence, to James Constantine Hadgis, Lauren Cohan,
Pamela Roylance, and back to Brian Henderson.

Brian Henderson (voiceover): Until it kills... me... too.

The shot cuts to water crashing against the cliff. The following text




The credits roll.


Lazlo Wood ......Brian Henderson

Bron Diller ......Enver Gjokaj

Professor Pyle ......James Constantine Hadgis

Brewster McFadden ......Ross Maxwell

Viggo Von Vegas ......James C. Burns

Felicia Von Vegas ......Lauren Cohan

Director ......John Lange

Writer ......Ross Maxwell

Composer ......Marcelino Quiroz

Editor ......Matt Freund

FX Editor ......John Brown

Sound Design/Mix ......Mike Gallagher

Hair/Makeup ......Bethany Colson

Producer ......James Constantine Hadgis

Producer ......Enver Gjokaj

Special Thanks To

Marcelino Quiroz, Josh Heine, Curtis Bettencourt, Mike O'Conner, Mila
Shah, Jaime Becker