Magnum-Wielding detective, Dick Hardon, is on the trail of a maniacal sniper out to ruin his lunch.
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Director: Ken Mora
Screenwwriter: Ken Mora
Dick Hardon: Matt Godecker
Sniper: Kyle Hebert
Detective Broad: Rachael Mollric
Detective Gay: Will Keenan
Milton Spilk / "Uncle Spilky": Dan Woren
Mrs. Spilk: Shirley Hughes
Captain: Richard Herlan
Stripper: Rachael Mollric
Tall Clown: Dan Woren
Executive Producer: Ken Mora
Chief Associate Producer: Heidi Mora
Associate Producer: Richard Herlan
Executive Manager: Greg Rotmer
Executive, New Media: Ivan Enriquez
Casting: Ken Mora, Bella Mora
Sound Engineers: Jeffrey Courion, Kyle Hebert
Foley / SFX / sound mixing: Ken Mora
Production & Post Production Services: Bella Fe Films
Soundtrack / Composer: Robert "Gurdonark" Nunnally
Entertainment Attorney: Katherine Koyanagi, Esq.
Literary representation: Jack Scagnetti Talent & Literary Agency
Publicity: Bill Hooey, Bill Hooey Public Relations - Joanne Harris / Harris Marketing & Consulting, Bill Hooey /
Inconsolable Angst: Ken Mora
Character Design: Saptarshi Dey
Storyboarding: Saptarshi Dey
3D Animatic: Saptarshi Dey
Previs: Ken Mora
previs Voice Artists: Jeffrey Courion, Joan Easley, Andrew Glickman
Team Lead & Animator:
Madhurima Gupta
Subhrojyoti Banerjee
Kamal Bhattacharjee
Kushal Dasgupta
Sanjib Nath
Visual Effects:
Subhrojyoti Banerjee
BG & Character Modeling:
Indranil Sen
Archisman Kar
BG & Character Texturing:
Narayan Talukdar
Indranil Sen
Archisman Kar
Hair & Cloth:
Narayan Talukdar
Subhankar Chakravarty
Lighting & Shading:
Ambar Nair
Render Manager:
Ambar Nair
Ambar Nair
Animation supervisor:
Ambar Nair and graphics design: Jason Frazier -
Special Thanks
Andy Rodman:
Bonnie Sanders:
Heinrich Dahms: Buzzmedia, NL
Mike O’Dea: Shamrock Films
Jeff Gordon: Writers boot camp ( )
Jim Thompson: Duke University / University of Southern California
Mary P. Hansell: Austin Film Festival ( )
Ray Szuch: Indie Gathering film festival ( )
Larry Myles:
Randy Salter: San Fernando Valley International film festival ( )
Alex ross:
credits-reading geeks: GOTCHA!
Thank you:
Rachael & Hugh Cadden Mike closson
Chris Grabenstein Alexander Haythen
Julie Hutchinson Dena Hysell
Mike janowiak Ron lehman
BILLY MERNIT Charles Schlotter
David Setter Bob Shayne
Zane Zmith Patrick Warburton
Marion Weiler Julie Weckstein
Amotz Zakai
American Zoetrope ( ) - five star Screenplay Reviewers:
Raaghwayndar Bathal Gino Cox
Melinda Hicks Vikram Kumar
Vicky Neal Armando Rodriguez
Jason Strange James Lynn Tucker
( theme music )
By Gurdonark
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"Unclothed" uses Creative Commons attribution samples:
"drums 146 swing" by Subdes2 and "trumpet harmon mute solo" by solos_to_use, from and is also licensed CC BY.
by gurdonark
"Too Many Clowns, Not Enough Car"
by Gurdonark
"Too Many Clowns, Not Enough Car" uses Creative Commons
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"Along Came A Sniper"
By Gurdonark
"Seeking Human Love in a Robotic World"
by gurdonark
"Seeking Human Love in a Robotic World" uses samples from:
Theremin 1 by Kirkoid from and
Heterodyne radio e... by FreqMan bowed_floss1.aif by noid
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WMS SNARE 02.wav by sandyrb
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